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10 Responses to “Tragic Case of Hijab Homocide”

  1. L34E says:

    A comment from her sister… “whoever did this… should not go to jail.”

    I’m having a hard time deciding if this is a problem with Canada’s lax immigrations standards or a psycho extremist family, considering that the Koran preaches peace and nonviolence.

  2. Sportfan says:

    glad to read that the father and brother got what they deserved, going to jail. I love the just derserts that you describe – hope that behind bars they do get treated as women and turned into someone’s cell bitch.

  3. rad says:

    Awful, just awful. How could this happen in a family? As a parent, this post made me cry.

  4. sparr1968 says:

    This is something that still happens in so many parts of the world and it is tragic, as said in the title of this article. The internet can go a long way in raising awareness of such rituals and make people realize that this behaviour is not acceptable. It is criminal and deserves to be punished as any other murder – maybe even more because it is especially horrific when families turn against each other with such cruelty and feel justified in doing so. After reading this article I looked it up on google and read that the mother said that her daughter brought it on herself and had it coming. How a mother can feel this way about her own daughter is beyond imagination. This must be eradicated, it is a crime against humanity in the worst way.

  5. FROZEN says:


  6. Malik TOKA says:

    as i recall..it was due to her escape from burka outside the house into a western dress not appropriate for young girls

  7. Aroxod says:

    Cant believe that this can happen in a civilized country. That is really bad.

  8. PHILIPS-XGA150B says:

    There is obviously far more to know about it as I expected. I like to stress that you have made some good points in your posting.

  9. Popper says:

    An awful story that had to be told. Goes to show that kids will evolve and you just can’t try to force them into following ways of the past – they are their own generation and will do what they think they have to. It is so sad that some people forget that they are parents first, and even more despicable that the mother actually condones the murder of her daughter at the hands of her husband and son.

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