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36 Responses to “Lady GaGa: A Collection of Pix”

  1. Francesco Mellin says:

    Lady Gaga is just great. I cannot stop seeking info and stuff about her

  2. Michael Aredondo says:

    As everyone stated, You Oughta Know by Alinis Morrisette. Heres a slice of trivia from what I read she penned it about the guy from the show with the Olsin twins. She used to go out him and he dumped her. He didnt understand how sick she was until he discovered the song.

  3. Freakum Dress is another one I like because at the end Beyonce wears these spectacles that make her look like a school teacher.I relish Up Grade U beause when she pretends like Jay-Z. I think its hilarious. Get Me Bodied is one of my two best-loved videos. Because I imagine the gentleman Beyonce dances with, dances so captivating.

  4. Harold Clancy says:

    LADY GAGA is so sexy, I just absolutely love LADY GAGA :-O

  5. Diana Leib says:

    Why do this many people love Lady Gaga?

  6. Waitboss says:

    I love David Bowie! I realise some people aren’t as keen on his more recent stuff, but as far as I’m concerned Heathen and Reality are both amazing albums. I’ll admit, Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust are my favourite two, but after five decades of making music, you can’t deny that the man’s still got it!

  7. EugeneGangell says:

    Madonna has become an embarrassment. I can not stand people who can not age with dignity. Even her hands were operated on by a plastic surgeon. How hard it must be to accept her age for her. I can not see them more, it is more and more ridiculous. I would say, Madonna is out!

  8. makeup says:

    Lady Gaga is actually crazy

  9. Crane Girl says:

    oh my god lady gaga is crazy i love you gaga! your music are so dark its cool.

  10. Gaga is the best popmusic girl ever! (and Trey Songz is the same among boys!)

  11. Lukas says:

    Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Madona or Lady Gaga – what will you wear for tomorrow’s costume contest at H Street Festival?

  12. Reena Baptista says:

    Lady CA-CA appealing to the Senate is the most laughable news? story of the month.

  13. Emiliano says:

    aloooka o DJ vai colocar Lady Gaga – paparazzi

  14. Cody_Craig says:

    I enjoy how Britneys basically doing nothing to get her followers while Gaga offers her little bitch perez sharing with people to unfollow Britney plus shit. In case Britneys manager wouldve stepped throughout, Perez wouldve gotten his ass beat again.Nonetheless this bitch is likely to die of physical weakness by the coming year so its wonderful for her to savor her run

  15. Gehri says:

    Great blog! YI love all the info thanks I will stay tuned :)

  16. kjoler says:

    Hi and thank you for a great article. I really just love your blog. I will bookmark it and come back for more. Maria, Denmark

  17. Andrew A. Sailer says:

    Lady Gaga is outstanding. She is not great singer, but her songs are impossible to forget. Her videos are something like Michael Jackson did. I am very interested what she will do in the future.

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