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9 Responses to “Extremely Cute Little Pygmy Animals”

  1. Boyan Soaer says:

    awesome pix. This is a great site. thanks

  2. Karisa Dechert says:

    Howdy, your site is on air in the radio! Good job mate. Your posts are truly great and bookmarked. Regards

  3. cruiser says:

    Have just subscribed to the feed, thx a bunch for all of the effort you put into this

  4. John Lyrics says:

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  5. monster says:

    Hello there! I really enjoy reading your blog! If you keep making such great posts I will come back every day to keep reading!

  6. kruby says:

    actually, both pygmy goat pictures are of kids, adults legs are shorter proportionately and are also fattter

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