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List o’ 14 Cool Versions of Classic TV Theme Songs

Nostalgic – absolutely. Self serving – possibly (since these are the shows that I know). Indulgent – likely, but they were all popular shows, so there must be others out there in TV-tropolis world who will enjoy this trip down theme-song memory lane also. I thought it would be fun and maybe even interesting (a stretch?) to post cover versions of these classic TV themes, which still get airplay somewhere along the 1000-channel strong digital dial. read more »

List o’ 11 Amazing Things the Human Body Is Capable Of

It never ceases to amaze what the human body can do, or what kind of things people discover that they read more »

The Amazing Karate Monkee Master: A Video Collection

This is one list that I never really imagined that would exist, but I stumbled on one video that led read more »

Nifty News: Did You Know 4.0

This video was very popular on the YouTube viral circuit, and for good reason – it is quite fascinating. There read more »

Nifty News: Saved by the Bunny

Rabbits aren’t always as quiet as we might think. earn points . A pet rabbit is credited with saving a read more »

List o’ 15 More Great Covers of Classic Rock Songs

// < ![CDATA[ a2a_linkname=document.title;a2a_linkurl="listsoplenty.com/blog"; // ]]> The first covers list was so much fun to put together that I thought read more »