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List o’ 10 Biggest Hauls in Bank Robbery History

Some of the great stories of books, movies and legend come from bank robberies. As a society we are fascinated read more »

List o’ 10 Things You Can Do Only in Las Vegas at 2 am

Insomnia is what keeps most people up at night, and what a drag that is when there is nothing to read more »

List o’ 10 Dead Ancient Civilizations

Theres something fantastically romantic about the idea of a lost civilization. Perhaps its the mystery that surrounds these historical treasures. read more »

List o’ Top 10 Very Unfortunate Website Names

Yes – these are all real websites and the names have not been revised or made up at all. Sometimes read more »

List o’ 10 High Profile US Mob Hits

Apparently, while some old memories die hard, some just never go away. Police today are using DNA science and other read more »

List o’ Bad Doctors Notes II

And the set of very strange bad doctor’s notes… …continued from Part I:

List o’ Strange Doctors Notes I

These are actual notes from patient charts written by doctors. So apparently, while it is important to go to school read more »

List o’ 10 More Marketing Boo-Boo’s: Part V

Here are some more amusing stories in the collection of marketing mishaps from some very large companies. These are not read more »