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List o’ 10 Things You Can Do Only in Las Vegas at 2 am

Insomnia is what keeps most people up at night, and what a drag that is when there is nothing to read more »

List o’ Top 10 Very Unfortunate Website Names

Yes – these are all real websites and the names have not been revised or made up at all. Sometimes read more »

List o’ Bad Doctors Notes II

And the set of very strange bad doctor’s notes… …continued from Part I:

Nifty News: No Pants Subway Day 2010

January 10 is No Pants Subway Ride Day. The movement started in New York in 2001 by a group called read more »

List o’ 20 Somewhat Silly New Years Resolutions

It has happened: the time when we all tell ourselves (and everyone within earshot depending on just how much we read more »

Silly stuff: 26 More Things to do in an Elevator

// The first list was long – 60 items – but a couple more came to mind. So, at the read more »

Silly Things To Do On An Elevator

// Hey, c’mon, we’ve all been in this situation — crowded elevator car, eyes down on your shoes or up read more »

Silly stuff: 20 Office Dares: 10 points each

// So, you made it through the intro list – got those 3 pointers scored – and now you are read more »

Silly stuff: 15 Office Dares: 3 points each

// I think we all played truth or dare as kids, didn’t we? Well, everyone knows that the office is read more »

Silly stuff: 10 Really Random Things to Do in the Office

// < ![CDATA[ a2a_linkname=document.title;a2a_linkurl="listsoplenty.com/blog"; // ]]> Or, what to daydream about when you are really bored….ever have one of those read more »