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List o’ 14 Cool Versions of Classic TV Theme Songs

Nostalgic – absolutely. Self serving – possibly (since these are the shows that I know). Indulgent – likely, but they were all popular shows, so there must be others out there in TV-tropolis world who will enjoy this trip down theme-song memory lane also. I thought it would be fun and maybe even interesting (a stretch?) to post cover versions of these classic TV themes, which still get airplay somewhere along the 1000-channel strong digital dial. read more »

List o’ 11 Amazing Things the Human Body Is Capable Of

It never ceases to amaze what the human body can do, or what kind of things people discover that they read more »

List o’ 10 Ways to Get to Sleep

Sleep. It seems like no one these days is getting enough of it. In fact, though most healthy adults need read more »

Silly stuff: 26 More Things to do in an Elevator

// The first list was long – 60 items – but a couple more came to mind. So, at the read more »

Silly Things To Do On An Elevator

// Hey, c’mon, we’ve all been in this situation — crowded elevator car, eyes down on your shoes or up read more »

Silly stuff: 20 Office Dares: 10 points each

// So, you made it through the intro list – got those 3 pointers scored – and now you are read more »

Silly stuff: 15 Office Dares: 3 points each

// I think we all played truth or dare as kids, didn’t we? Well, everyone knows that the office is read more »

Silly stuff: 10 Really Random Things to Do in the Office

// < ![CDATA[ a2a_linkname=document.title;a2a_linkurl="listsoplenty.com/blog"; // ]]> Or, what to daydream about when you are really bored….ever have one of those read more »