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List o’ Top 10 Highlights of the Victorian Era

– The Victorian Era is defined, quite literally, as the time of the reign of Queen Victoria in England, a read more »

The Amazing High Tech Recycled Art of Alexandromeda

The Name is the combination of the artist Alexandro – and Andromeda, the well known galaxy, to signify the read more »

The Amazing Driftwood Art of Heather Jansch

This art posting features the work of an artist based in the UK who makes horses from driftwood. And you read more »

The Amazing Origami Art of Satoshi Kamiya

Satoshi Kamiya is considered to be one of the most advanced origami masters in the world today. He has been read more »

Photo collections have arrived!

The lists will continue, and now there are pix too – woo hoo! Check out the new photoblog stuff – read more »