List o’ Top 10 Habits That Make You Look Older

List of Top Ten Habits Than Can Age a Person

Some people manage to age gracefully, getting better with age like a fine wine, as the saying goes. Others just seem to fall apart completely, looking years older than they really are. Sure, there may be some genetics at work there, but many people have habits and lifestyles that bring it on, big time. This list presents ten things that people do that can accelerate the aging process, making one’s appearance old far ahead of their time.

10. Over Dieting or Under Eating

getting too skinny canmake you look older

The stereo-typical Mom saying, “eat, eat – you’re too thin”, has some good old fashioned wisdom to it. Being too thin can actually make you look much older. According to studies published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Journal, a thin face is the lead culprit because being slender causes a loss of volume in the face, particularly for women over 40. Facial shape actually changes with age. “This loss of volume creates jowls and makes wrinkles develop,” he says. “The older we get, the more the face gets depleted. When you lose weight, this look is enhanced and aging is accelerated. In older women, having a little weight on board makes the face look a little younger. Health care professionals say that keeping your weight around the ideal range helps you look younger than if you lose a lot of weight.

9. Eating Badly

List of Top Ten Habits That Make You Look Older - Junk food and sweetsList of Top Ten Habits That Make You Look Older - Junk food and sweets

Eating habits are very much in the spotlight these days, as the general population is ageing and the focus on health and wellness becomes more important. While being too skinny can cause one to look older, so too can bad eating habits. It is not just about maintaining balance and ideal weight; what is important is that it is done properly. Unhealthy foods – whether fried foods, an abundance of sweets or excess carbs – can age one’s appearance dramatically. For example, excess sugar remains in the blood and causes problems, leading to slower ability to regenerate the body and to aging skin.Wrinkles appear faster, skin elasticity is lost and it cant regenerate efficiently after trauma. Basically, consumption of sugar is like hitting the fast forward button for aging.And because this often builds up over time, it is very hard to reverse the effects.

Often, the solutions to fix a bad diet arent drastic, only measures that we might call common sense, such as getting rid of some bad habits, like fast food and “stress” eating, and being conscious of what you want to achieve.

8. Rubbing Your Eyes

List of Top Ten Habits That Make You Look Older - Rubbing your eyes

This is a very common habit among people. Whether from being tired or sleepy, or as a nervous habit where the heels of the hands scrunch into the eyes, rubbing one’s eyes can actually make the skin around your eyes age faster. It can cause dark circles making the eyes appear deep set, and can loosen the skin causing sagging, or bags, under the eyes. Just like biting nails, this is a habit that can be broken through being conscious of it and just stopping, and will add years to one’s appearance if caught early.

7. Sleeping on Your Side

Basically – this squishes your face. The fetal position may be comfy, but it’s bad for your skin. So is snoozing on your stomach. Some beauty experts say that pressing your face into the pillow eight hours a night for years can break down skin and cause wrinkles. This may a debatable point, but has drawn attention in recent years as studies of aging and the impact of personal habits have brought more results to light. But really, shouldn’t there be some point that it is ok to just be comfortable?

6. Pursing Your Lips

The habit of pursing one’s lips (drawing them together tightly, like drinking from a straw) is surprisingly common and is a direct catalyst for building wrinkles around the mouth, nose and cheeks. This builds those wrinkles that all lead to the mouth, which deepen and build up over time, and age the face quite seriously.

5. Being Stressed, Tense and All Wound Up

List of Top Ten Habits That Make You Look Older - stressed out

This is no secret – stress is bad. It may be difficult to avoid or manage, but letting the stress and tension that is a part of life get you all wound up quite simply will also make one old before their time. If youre chronically worried, your body is pumping out stress hormones non-stop. This also often leads to sleep deprivation and eating problems, which together will have disastrous effects on the body. Managing stress is a key element not only in reducing visible aging but in general health and wellness. There is no magic cure – each person must find a way that works for them and stick to it. This could be a life changing habit.

4. Lack of Activity

List of Top Ten Habits That Make You Look Older - being inactive

Active lifestyle does not have to mean spending housr at the gym every week. In fact, this is all too often done in spurts (New Year’s resolutions anyone?) and not maintained. Activity is also not about weight loss. if one’s habits and lifestyle do not include getting physical on a regular basis – bike ride, walk, yoga, dancing, etc – then a key and fun ingredient to keeping a youthful look is lost.

And the magic activity? ep, sex feels good and does wonders for your mood, but it’s also fantastically great for your health. Research shows that people with active sex lives have stronger immune systems, less pain, a lower cancer risk, healthier hearts, and less stress. The best news: Studies also show that this will make you look younger.

3. Not Getting Enough Sleep

List of Top Ten Habits That Make You Look Older - sleep deprived

While you’ve probably heard of the term “beauty sleep”, one does not hear anyone mention “anti aging sleep.” Sleep helps you to look younger, and as with many other habits, though most people know it, they don’t always do it. Getting a good night’s rest, including the proper number of hours of sleep, is the key to restorative time that the body needs. This rest and recovery from the day is what keeps things ticking. Lack of sleep can keep your body from repairing the hard work it goes through every day, from bumps and stress to the new skin cells that gives the face its glow. As one ages, sleep alone won’t solve all those issues but lack of sleep can worsen them.

2. Sun Tanning

List of Top Ten Habits That Make You Look Older - tanning

This is one that everyone knows about, yet most people go ahead and jump in the sun anyway. This point is not saying that sun should be avoided – having a little colour and glow certainly gives a nice healthy look – but as with most things, moderation is key. Lying for hours outside baking with tanning oil, even a long history of using “safe” tanning beds at the spa, will move your skin along the path from supple and soft to leathery and hard. Repeated sun exposure can also lead to brownish blotches often called liver spots, uneven skin tone, spider veins on the nose, cheeks and neck, and wrinkles. A tan may look great, but this is a short term view and can lead to unpleasant surprises later in life, when at 40 one has the skin of a 60-year old.

1. Smoking – the Nastiest of Them All

List of Top Ten Habits That Make You Look Older - smoking

This could be the worst of them all. Any substance abuse – be it tobacco, alcohol or drugs – will send a person into the old age bone-yard far ahead of their time. Smoking literally sucks the life out of a person, ages their skin and general appearance, and can never be reversed. specifically, smoking narrows blood vessels in the skin, consequently reducing healthy blood flow. When this happens, the distribution of nutrients like collagen, health supplements is reduced. Using tobacco also activates an enzyme that breaks down collagen, the key structural health proteins in the face that makes the skin elasticized and healthy looking, making the skin look dry, old and wrinkled, and accelerating dark bags under the eyes.

The best advice is simply to “say no”, or stop immediately if you have already said yes at some point. It may nopt be reversible, but quitting will stop the process from getting worse.

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  1. Garth Custeau April 18, 2011 at 12:10

    So that you can get in shape and have those get six pack style abs that every person is wanting, you will must stick to several easy guide lines. Firstly, you’ll must be sure that you are eating a fantastic diet. You are going to have to make sure that you might have a healthy diet full of lean meats, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. You can not eat junk food all day and expect to have an excellent body. Ask anybody who’s in great shape and they are going to agree that it takes a wholesome mix of the proper foods in order to get in shape, and remain in shape.

  2. T-Pained October 8, 2010 at 12:32

    Try getting married – that will suck the life out of you and make you look old real fast!!