List o’ 10 Memorable Exploding Head Movie Scenes

List of Ten Memorable Movie Scenes Where Heads ExplodeSometimes movies do indeed “mess with your head”, but in this case that phrase is taken quite literally. These movies actually make quite a mess with human heads, since it is high up on the shock scale and can give a scene the “oomph” factor that takes a movie and its audience to a whole different place. An exploding head splatters, sends bits and goo all over the place and really, it does make a statement. So, to the many scenes of over the top gore out there, this post lists ten highly memorable head explosions that have made the big screen. (Blow up only, no shoot ups: in this post, guns don’t count)

Warning: Do not read this post if you are squeamish. This is a video post and so may not show up properly on some mobile devices.



10. Scanners

This scene is from a duel between the good telepath and the bad telepath, and uses psychic power rather than bullets or weapons to get the job done. The movie was far ahead of its time and because of that was terrifying in its day. Scanners influenced several other movies that came after it, and established producer/director David Cronenberg as a ground breaker in the genre and a creative force who was ahead of his time.

9. Big Trouble in Little China

Steam flares out of the nostrils, and the explosion – which is the whole dude, not just the head – seems to throw out a bunch of salad into the hallway. Sometimes exploding people can be comedic, with this scene reflecting the feel of the movie as a great combination of action and comedy. Yes, it is a little gory, but also hard to take seriously with a high level of camp and tongue in cheek.

8. The Fury

This movie is another feather in the cap of John Cassavetes, one of the greats of independent film. This scene was lauded as being highly disturbing because of the psychic powers involved and the way that the director made Amy Irving’s eyes and expression so realistically frightening. The amazing thing is how they got the head to twirl and fly straight up.

7. X-Factor (UK TV Show)

You loved him on American Idol, you watched him on Pop Idol and X-Factor. Now the fans get what they really want – Simon goes boom! [Note: No Cowells were actually harmed in the making of this video]

6. Law Abiding Citizen

Cell phone etiquette – more than just courtesy. Really, it is very rude to answer your phone when talking to someone else, and judge or not, being rude to others can sometimes come back to bite you when you least expect it.

5. Total Recall

This scene is different because the exploding head is actually a cool high tech talking mask that is more like a grenade, though technically it is a head that explodes. The “get ready for a surprise” line is a cult movie classic warning as the exploding head takes out the soldiers and makes the perfect diversion for the ensuing getaway scene.

4. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Some heads melt, some explode – but the real lesson to take away is to close your eyes when opening the Lost Ark of the Covenant. This movie was of course famous for its over the top stunts, cheeky lines and highly stylized drama, during that magical period of the 80s when Spielberg made so many perfect movies. In his day he was the man, without a doubt, and in the case of this scene, there weren’t too many audience members who wept over Nazis getting their heads blown up. Quite cathartic actually.

3. Homemade: Blowing Up the Raft – And Him Too

The legend is that in 2004 ad executive Ed Robinson carried out an experiment. He spent? $10,000 to produce a humorous video about a man who meets an explosive end while inflating a child’s raft. This is that video. It is not real – if you look closely, you can see the watermelon…well done nonetheless, and makes the list because it is a high quality bit of movie making and whether or not it is from Hollywood makes no difference at all.

2. Wanted Dead or alive

Warning: harsh language in this clip.

Rutger Hauer has had a long and varied career, and as actor he has shown amazing versatility in the characters he has played. In this movie he plays Nick Randall, a bounty hunter who hunts down bad guys and saves the world. The bad guy in the movie is particularly viscous, with no redeeming qualities. The development of his character throughout the movie is in fact quite effective in making someone the audience will hate, and the scene at the end where Randall gives up his bonus for live capture to blow up the terrorist is a gruesome and satisfying bit of street justice.

1. Scrubs

Since we can’t take take head explosions too seriously, this list will end with a scene that manages to made head exploding humorous and educational at the same time. Words of wisdom in this, as the head explosion goes to prove a point: it really is hard to make it as a successful doctor if your head explodes. Michigan foundation repair companies . And who says you cant learn anything from TV?

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