List o’ 10 Outrageously Silly Modern Age Hairstyles

Bad hair knows no bounds, and while some just have their days, these hair styles had their years – even decades for some. Back in the day, this was how most people wanted to look and actually worked pretty hard at getting the “just right” details. Then, to the delight of looking back in retrospect at our younger times, we really did walk out of the house in public with these “doo’s”. Take a look back in time at some of the worst modern hair styles that fashion made us think looked great – in most cases, a resounding “yikes” by today’s standards.

10. The Flip

List o' 10 of the Most Outrageous Modern Age Hairstyles - 1960s flip hairstyle

Flip hair style is an all time favorite with women. The Flip hair style which became very popular in the 1960s, continues to reign even today. One of the major reasons that contribute to the immense popularity of Flip hair style is that it can flatters and creates a lasting impression with minimal styling. Another reason is that flip hair style looks good on all faces and is suitable for all ages. Flip hair style gives a finesse to your face and can be worn on both formal and informal occasions. Flip hair style was popularized by Katherine Hepburn in the early 1930s. Later, Mary Tyler Moore, Joan Crawford, and Carole Lombard came up with their signature Flip hair styles. The sixties beauty queen Cybill Shepard drew attention with her exclusive side parts in the Flip hair style. Delta Burke wore a well formed shoulder length flip. Much later, Jenna Elfman, of Dharma and Greg fame became famous for her heavily sprayed and backcombed.

9. The Mullet (aka Hockey head)

List o' 10 of the Most Outrageous Modern Age Hairstyles List o' 10 of the Most Outrageous Modern Age Hairstyles

The mullet was a hairstyle staple of the 80s and was seen on a range of celebs, from athletes and pro hockey players to the glam-fashion rockers of the day. The mullet has been around for eons and is credited with a revival in the late Eighteenth Century, as evidenced in Gainsborough’s Blue Boy. Twentieth century celebrations of the mullet began with hockey players and rock stars of the 1970s, with particular widespread fame coming from David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust character. This look began a newfound mullet-mania which was destined to reach its pinnacle in the 1980′s; anyone who was anyone in the world of rock music, film, sport and fashion wore a mullet of some kind. Though it was all the rage at the time, thank goodness some old things never get to be new again, including this fashion faux pas that we called The Mullet.

8. The Beehive

List o' 10 of the Most Outrageous Modern Age Hairstyles - The Beehive -List o' 10 of the Most Outrageous Modern Age Hairstyles - The Beehive

The 1960s Beehive hairdo is back just ask Amy Winehouse or Marj Simpson. It has overtaken the Pob, named after Posh Spice Victoria Beckham’s bob, and the Rachel, credited to Jennifer Aniston’s character in Friends. However, they are a bit different than beehive hair from the 60s. Todays version requires less backcombing and is a little more relaxed. Beehive hair style is all about the bump at the crown of the head, whether you pin it up for a controlled look or pull the top half back for a rocker look. With the modern hair technology available, most beehives are done with a fake bump piece, so it is not necessary to have all that hair naturally, making this new adaption of the classic hair style truly modern since the false beehives will go well with the silicone boobs, acrylic nails, altered butts and fake tans.

7. The Jheri Curl

List o' 10 of the Most Outrageous Modern Age Hairstyles - List o' 10 of the Most Outrageous Modern Age Hairstyles -

This hairstyle was common and popular in the African American community in the late 1970s and throughout the 80s, and really defines a predominant “look” for the period. Invented and named for Jheri Redding, the Jheri Curl gave the wearer a glossy, loosely curled look. It was touted as a “wash and wear” style that was easier to care for than the other popular chemical treatment of the day, the relaxer. However, it turned out that the style was neither quick nor easy, and actually quite costly to maintain. Besides the fact that it eventually went out of style, the jheri curl’s decline in popularity probably occurred because of the damage it caused to the wearer’s hair. Perming the hair was time and labour-intensive and expensive to upkeep. The harsh mix of chemicals required for the process caused the wearer’s natural hair to become extremely brittle and dry.

6. The 80′s Hair Rocker

List o' 10 of the Most Outrageous Modern Age Hairstyles

With the invention of music via video musicians went from talented to pretty. There is so much truth to the notion that has a song of the same idea – video did kill the radio star, because now in addition to having a hit song, you had to have more than a face made for radio. This held true for all genres of music, including rock, which typically featured songsmiths and performers that were not necessarily all that good looking! So as music evolved into the video age, the rock went from Lemmie to Pretty Boy Floyd, with big hair and full make up a must have part of the image package.

5. The Flock o’ Seagulls

List o' 10 of the Most Outrageous Modern Age Hairstyles - flock of seagulls hair - yikes

If jheri curls were the bane of black fashion in the 80s, then this Flock of Seagulls look was the ultimate embarrassment for white hair fashion. hard to believe looking back that people actually spent loads of time in the house – waking up early even – to get this look “just so”, and then walked out in public. We can only that this style stays buried in the past, where it belongs, and if for some reason it is resurrected that will be the perfect case for a “Just Say No” campaign.

4. The Graffiti Head

List o' 10 of the Most Outrageous Modern Age Hairstyles

Billboard rental opportunities – if a head is still going down this path, since this style is very much alive in certain circles, the might as well make it work for you. The big buzz these days is all about monetization. With this “write things in my hair” style, why not go for some product placement and get a little revenue stream off your head. Hey, in the world of social networking and gorilla marketing, anything is possible.

3. The Mohawk

List o' 10 of the Most Outrageous Modern Age Hairstyles
The Mohawk

The Mohawk hairstyle can be found through out history. It is most related to the Native American Mohawk Indian tribe, however, there have also been discovered, the remains of mummies, thousands of years old, sporting Mohawks. The punk rock movement of the early eighties is accredited for the popularity of the Mohawk. It was seen as a symbol of rebelling against authority, which is what the basis of punk was, rebelling against all types of authority, social and political. In the classic version of the Mohawk, the sides are shaved all the way up, leaving a strip down the middle of the head, usually approximately an inch wide. Some choose to have it stop at the crown, while others like for it to go all the way down to the nape of the neck.

List o' 10 of the Most Outrageous Modern Age Hairstyles
The Faux Hawk

The newest version of the classic Mohawk is the faux-hawk. In this version, the sides are not shaved completely, usually done using a two guard on the clippers, and blended up. Then the top is cut in an angled fashion, so as the wearer can gel the center up, with the sides coming in to form the ridge of the hawk. This style is good for business people, who like the style of the Mohawk, but cant necessarily wear it to work. In 2010 the Mohawk has entered the mainstream, thanks in large part to the “safe and accessible” faux-Mohawk, so that all types of people are wearing this hairstyle, from rockers to bankers, and rebels to state troopers.

2. The Great Big Afro

The Afro has ebbed and flowed over time, but has never really gone away. The fashion seems to self-adjust for big hair and small hair trends, and while things like the Flip and the Mullet may be difficult to build into an Afro, for anyone with curly or frizzy – basically anything non-straight – there will always be some Afro-esque style that will work for you. Neat or messy, big or small, shaped or round, this is one style that remains the foundation for the curly-haired among us, and on just this basis along, the Afro will continue to have strength, support and longevity.

1. The Comb Over

List o' 10 of the Most Outrageous Modern Age Hairstyles

Men, this is all about you. Hair trends normally are not as harmful to men, because the average male is more concerned with just having their hair. What it actually looks like is secondary in most cases. The comb-over is one of those times when it is time to admit reality and get a proper hair cut, period. However, men become courageous en masse, and the end results of the comb-over becoming an actual named style are always comical and in some cases downright disastrous.

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