List o’ 10 Really Cool Data Infographics

List of 10 Cool InfographicsA picture is worth 1,00 words, and it can also be worth a couple of thousand – or more – data points. If done well, pictures can help to relay very complex information in a relatively simple way. Big information graphics have been around for a long time. They’ve come in the form of maps, visualization, art, signs, etc. That was all on paper though. In the past couple of years, humongous, gigantic, and often really long infographics have found their way onto the computer screen, through blogs and news sites. Some are great. Some really suck. The volume is booming for both.

10. Why It Is More Expensive to be Vegetarian

Why vegetables are more expensive than meat in the USA

Here’s the idea. The government recommends a diet for healthy living (right pyramid), but at the same time there are billions of dollars of lopsided subsidies (left pyramid) whose distribution doesn’t look anything like the former. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine used 3-D pyramid data models to present this information.

9. Famous Movie Quotes as Infographic

Famous movie quotes as infographics

This chart is similar to brain teaser puzzles that represent a common saying or phrase. For example, the last one shows that the Force is not with Luke Skywalker. You may recognize the others from having seen the movies, or just knowing the famous quote and something about the movie it was in. Keep in mind that this is for fun, and not meant to be a serious exercise in data analytics!

8. Your Lifetime Sleep Schedule

Sleep schedule infographic

There is an expression – used mostly by very energetic people :-) – that says, “there will be enough time for sleep when you are dead”. Apparently that is true, from looking at the Lifetime Sleep Schedule chart, but there are also plenty of opportunities along the way. Of course, the body takes a bit of a beating during those college years.

7. This Happens

Read this

6. Demystifying Coffee


This infographic is for all those who wondered just what is in those coffee drinks with the fancy names. If you have ever wondered, here you go – the answer in pictures.

5. What Taylor Swift Likes


Most of us know the name of this chart-topping singer, and judging by sales and concerts, there are quite a few people out there who really like her music. But just what is it all about – what does she sing about and where do these song themes and lyrical content all about? You guessed it – someone listened to the music, charted it out and created an infographic.

4. Hey Jude – Beatles Infographic


This one is pretty much self-explanatory. If you don’t know the song jump on to YouTube and have a listen. It’s a great classic tune and you may get a bonus out of this post by picking up some new music!

3. How to Solve A Problem

problem solving flowsheet

Just follow these easy steps, as mapped out in this process flow diagram. Another way of showing data in an inforgraphic, and one that actually pretty much follows real life.

2. Olympic Hockey and Peeing are Directly Correlated

2010 Olympic hockey final and water usage in Edmonton

You can almost hear the flushing all at the same time. EPCOR, the water utility company that runs the fountains up in Edmonton, Canada released this graph after Canada won the gold in the 2010 Winter Olympics. The graph shows water consumption during the Olympic gold medal hockey game (blue line), overlaying consumption of the previous day (green line). How much do Canadians love their hockey? Enough to hold it in until the period is over :-)

The first period ends. Time to pee. The second period ends. Time to pee. The third period ends. Time to pee. Consumption goes way down when Canada wins and during the medal ceremony. Finally, when it’s all said and done, the rest of the country can relieve itself, figuratively and literally.

1. The Big Infographic Secret Formula

Big Infographic secret formula

And there it is – revealed to you and the world – the secret formula of how to create the Great Big Infographic, King Daddy of them all. Try to make your own, you might like it!

Source: Flowing Data

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