List o’ 11 Amazing Things the Human Body Is Capable Of

The Human Body

It never ceases to amaze what the human body can do, or what kind of things people discover that they have the unique ability to do with it. Some are plain “out there”, some are a little disturbing and some are actually quite amazing. Be ready to see some crazy things that you never imagined the human body would be capable of and a couple of things that are just plain disturbing (not for the weak of stomach). And really people, do not try any of this at home…

11. One Finger Handstand

This video emerged from the days when Chinese monks were not known outside of China, and is an amazing example of the power of focus and concentration. The captions are interesting in how they describe this monk as the only person in the world capable of this move and a Chinese national treasure. Imagine the power of that finger striking as a weapon of the human body, and all this from a very old man. This is truly remarkable.

10. Winston the Human Water Fountain

This guy would be good to have along when you do those Sahara treks, or if there is a spitting contest where you have to get it into the bottle without spilling. But I gotta say, washing your face with the backwash is just a tad over the line. But hey, it is a crazy, freaky human talent and so certainly qualifies for this list.

9. The Fantastic Elastic Plastic Man

Looks a bit put on at first, and even the host challenges the Plastic Man that it is fake skin or something, so what does he do? Well, the obvious choice – takes his shirt off and even gives the host a try. Mr Stretch seems to enjoy pulling himself this way and that, and its even good for a couple of pints at the local. But the best part of this posting is that, think about it…this guy is being interviewed and displaying his particular talent on the radio!

8. An Eye Popping Experience

Talk about an eye opener! Pretty hard to pull the wool over her eyes..the eyes have it…and of course, she always goes into things with eyes wide open. Yeah, ok, corny but couldn’t resist. No doubt she is great fun to have at at party.

7. Well, twist me up and tie me in a knot

Now don’t play against this guy in Twister! Mr Elastic Man can stretch his skin any which way, but this Rubber Man bends all over, from the inside out. Quite a cool routine that he has choreographed for himself and the crowd sure seems to enjoy the contortions. His bones and ligaments must be made of rubber to move like he does. And don’t try to sneak up behind him, because for Mr Rubbber front and back are pretty much the same thing.

6. Mr. Biceps

Freaky and amazing how much the muscles and skin can stretch when put to the test. Sure we are a fitness oriented society, and normally the routine of pump, lift, hit the gym…stay fit, it’s all good. But you really do have to watch what you eat. If you’re not careful, those big hams will go straight to your arms.

5. Sir Licksalot has arrived

There hasn’t been an ice cream created that can stand a chance against this freakishly massive tongue. However, chances are slim that he is going to be rattling off Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore. Ok, this may not be a capability per se, but it is so downright out there that it had to be on just to satisfy the “freaky” component of this list!

4. Mr Big Mouth

This guy gives a new definition to the phrase ear to ear smile. There is something strangely disturbing about this clip, and you have to wonder how you discover this “talent” to begin with. Maybe what you mother said is true – “don’t keep doing that with your face or it will stay that way”. We just can’t watch and at the same time just can’t turn away. Once again, had to have this for the “freaky factor”. And as an homage to all the Aliens movies – maybe this was Ridley Scott’s inspiration.

3. golden root complex . Mr Scrunchy Face

It really is quite remarkable what you can do when you combine some of the individual “freaky” traits on this list – a huge tongue, no teeth and a rubber face. He looks quite jolly in fact and seems to enjoy taking us through the paces of his many faces.

2. Absolutely unbelievable strength

This is not fake, although it is truly hard to believe, even seeing it with your own eyes. The human flag is done so perfectly here the guy makes himself appear weightless, floating around like astronauts in a space shuttle video. But what really is impossible to fathom are all the versions of the incline push-ups that are done in a row, again so effortlessly it defies the imagination. Almost makes me want to go to the gym, or maybe giving up going to the gym, haven’t quite decided yet.

1. The Famous One Inch Punch

This is probably one of the most famous examples of the ability of the human body to instantaneously deliver the ballistic force of a bullet. And size does not matter. Bruce Lee was 5’6″ and weighed about 140 pounds, and in this exhibition he knocked someone twice his size (mass) into next week from one inch away. Before this show of what the martial arts were capable of, nobody in the western world had seen anything like it. With this proof that his abilities were real, Bruce Lee single handedly changed the world and showed us all of the uncanny strength that the human body is capable of.

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