List o’ 10 Way Cool Art Illusions

List of Optical Illusion ArtThis post features optical illusions that use colour, space and shape to fool the eye. Each of the pieces will have your eyes send a signal to your brain that is interpreted to see things that really aren’t there or are not actually happening. Except that your eyes tell you they are – you can see it. Have fun with it.


list of optical illusions - Flowers or lady

What do you see ? Flowers or a lady?


Gallery of Illusions:

10. Black Squares

list of optical illusions - black squares

Can you see the small black circles in the middle of the white line ? Well, they are not really there.

9. Dog in the Dots

List of optical illusions - dog in the dots

Some people see the dog others don’t…can you?

8. The Portrait in the Archway

List of Optical Illusions - archway portrait

Archway illusion of a sleeping dog, a man, a woman, a baby and profile from them all. So cool what the eye can be fooled into seeing.

7. White Squares

List of Optical Illusions  - Squares

Can you see the small red circles in the middle of the white line ? Well, they are not really there.

6. Tesselated Colors in Motion

List of Optical Illusions - Tesselated colors in motion

Stare at this picture.Watch the lines, shapes and colours and if you concentrate your attention you will notice that the image begins to move. There is actually no movement in this image. It moves because of the colors, which are processed dynamically by the eye and brain.

5. Shades of Green

List of Optical Illusions Do you see the two shades of green above? There is actually only one shade of green. The different background colour mixes the colours differently for the eye.

4. The Moving Circle

List of optical illusions - pulsating circle Focus on the circle and you will see several layers of movement. Pretty cool.

3. The Herman Grid

List of Optical Illusions - The Herman Grid In a rapid continuum of movement, Black spots seem to appear and disappear very fast at the intersections. This is the way the eye plays between the lines and squares of dark and light colour.

2. Square in A Square

List of Optical Illusions - Square in a square Hold your head still and use the mouse to move the page up and down. Or focus on the centre of the picture and slightly move your head. In each case you will see the centre square move, or jiggle, which of course is impossible.

1. The Pinwheel

List of Optical Illusions - Pinwheel Stare at the center of the circle, and move your head back and forth towards the monitor and away from it. The circles appear to slide back and forth, which is not really happening.

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