List o’ 10 Funny Pranks Caught on Video

The Prank Elf with List o' 10 Funny Pranks Caught on VideoThe only thing worse than being pranked and falling for it, is getting it captured on video. And of course, the only thing worse than getting caught on video is having that video uploaded to You Tube, because then it gets on to hugely popular blogs like this one! :-)

These are funny – enjoy and don’t be afraid to laugh out loud, especially if you are watching this at work.

Note: This is a video post. For anyone using a mobile device to access this post, you may not see the actual video, depending on your service. And if you do see the video, it may use a lot of bandwidth to view from a mobile device.

10. Beans anyone? Oops.

Beans beans the musical fruit. And never more true than in this prank.

9. That’s Not Scary, That’s My Face

This is pure genius, and completely freaks out everyone ’cause you just don’t expect this.

8. Where Did My License Plate Go!

Nobody expects to get pranked by the police, which is what makes this even funnier. The looks on the victims faces is priceless.

7. Oh Man, Not Snakes…

Seems innocent enough, a little set up in a mall. Until the snake attacks!

6. Skunk On A Stick

This is a hilarious marionette prank, and one that you could at home. Oh what fun you can have with a fake yet realistic skunk on a stick.

5. Good Samaritan Act Goes Way South

The Good Samaritan bystander is actually amazingly honest. Acting in good faith, returning the “dropped” money gets much more than he bargained for.

4. No Men’s Room Here

The pranksters pull the old sign switcharoo on the unsuspecting victims in this prank, who are trying to find the men’s’ change room.

3. This Waitress Is a Bit Off Her Game

The waitress pours the drink without paying attention and pours it till it overflows. Download Winrar Free . But then to be nice, to even out the glass she drinks little for customer.

2. Where Did That Guy Come From?

There is just something funnier about a prank when it is pulled by the cops, don’t you think?

1. The Funniest Ever

What can be funnier than a guy in the toilet? Ok, lots of things most likely, but this is one of the best video captured pranks ever. 100% guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

– Source: Funniest video pranks from a>Just For Laughs, the funniest comedy show in the world.

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  1. ppberger April 18, 2010 at 06:43

    Very funny – I have actually seen some of these on TV before from the Montreal Festival. I think they run on a comedy channel or something, anyway they are great bits of pranking. thanks for putting this together.

  2. SuperSonic March 26, 2010 at 18:18

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