List o’ 10 Social Networks Out of the Mainstream

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Facebook, MySpace, and a couple of other well known sites began as concepts that were highly dubious, at best, when they first hit the scene. People guffawed (yes, I said guffawed!) at the thought of real people spending time with virtual “friends”, who were for the most part strangers in reality. Now of course, those same people are grimacing at the thought of the amazing success and ridiculously robust riches those pioneers have reaped. Alliteration on purpose, because – it is wacky and it worked! Then along came the blog, which enabled the custom-made social network and micro-communities grew like crazy. So in homage to the millions of people who do the social network thing each day (like tweeting this blog!), this list presents different 10 social networks that you may not have heard about.

10. Moustache Passions

Moustache passion

There’s a network for just about everything under the sun these days, and facial hair is no exception. For the moustache wearer or the moustache lover, either on yourself or on a partner, Stache Passions is the self appointed mecca for singles with a passion for the Stache. While in general, personal style is a difficult thing to pin down, there is no doubt among Stache Passions members that there is nothing finer than a good stache. *link*

9. Vampires R Us

vampire freaks

This site began with a small number of forums dedicated to Gothic/industrial music but has gained high popularity in recent years in the gothic community circle and boasts over 2 million members. The network appeals to those with a fascination for all things Gothic. Members create profiles and can provide info on “genre-friendly” bands, rate other users, join “cults” (i.e. interest groups such as “Emo Hair,” “Twilight” and “Marilyn Manson”) and participate in chat rooms. However, this network did – in real life – enter the dark side in recent years as it and many of its members have been linked to grizzly atrocities and murders in Canada and the US. *link*

8. Zii Trend

Gazing into Zii crystal ball

Zii Trend is a social prediction community in which users predict future events and trends. The site is based on the theory that the sum of the whole is greater than its parts: group decisions are more accurate than individual. Members make predictions about anything they like, so as Ziibos ( a Ziitrend user), members participate by adding their comments about posted predictions and can add their own prediction topics for others to comment on. Members propose and weigh in on a variety of thoughts, from “When will Madonna announce retirement?” to “Will there be a World War III before 2050?” *link*

7. Fetlife – Network for BDSM-ers

Fetish extreme

The site had over 300,000 members, all of whom share the BDSM lifestyle and fetish. While this is definately not a mainstream crowd, it is likely more prominent that most people would care to believe, and the site has members from all degrees of “commitment” to the genre. *link*

6. Line Up For Heaven

Heavens gate

People on Facebook vie for friends; here, members strive for karma points by “blessing” people, which helps to save their soul and reserve a place for them in heaven (spots are awarded on Judgement Day, every Sunday). This social network offers online salvation and the ability to make a reservation with God in Heaven. You may define God and heaven in your own terms, as the site is open to all faiths equally. The only requirement is to do good deeds, and no need to leave Rover behind – pets are also allowed. *link*



5. Matching Dreams

Middle ages dream

Match a Dream is a haven for people who want to discuss their nightly dreams, decipher their meanings and discover others who share similar ones. You can search a member database of dreams based on many criteria, such as the type of dream (scary, happy, sexy, sad, weird), whether it’s a recurring dream and the time period in which another user posted a similar dream. Another feature is the “dream circle”a group of friends you invite with whom you can monitor your dreams and theirs. *link*

4. HAMSTERster

Cute little hamster buddy

For hamster owners, hamster former or to-be owners and generally for all friends of the hamster. In a bit of a twist – this network is not about the people but the pets. The owners are really just the conduit for the hamster. It is the hamsters who are the registered members and “users” of the site. Profiles and registration are done by “humans” on behalf of, or for the animal. If there is no picture of Hammy to accompany the profile, owners cannot register their hamster until a picture has been provided. Don’t want any of the other hamsters to feel strange about it after all. And Gerbils – well they are accepted but as second level citizens, naturally. *link*

3. Spot a Potty

fancy toilet

Toilet fans unite – this community is for all toilet enthusiasts and aficionados. Members share experiences and post photographs of their favourite toilets, at home and elsewhere. Evidently, Disneyland has good ones. A cool collection of pix here showing that toilets don’t have to be boring. *link*

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2. My Free Implants

Wall of Boobs

This site is made of two basic member categories: women 18 and over who can’t afford breast implants, and men who want to help them (“benefactors”). Under-endowed women post sexy photos and profiles to lure silicone sugar daddies, who must pay see pictures and send messages. Hatched by a web developer during a bachelor party in Las Vegas, My Free Implants raised over a million dollars for surgical procedures. The occasional nose job or tummy tuck may also look for funding, and although the original intention of the site wasn’t limited to implants, it became clear that noses just don’t get the same level of attention. *link*

1. Mashflob Flash Mobs

Zombie flash mob

This site proclaims to be the definitive social networking hub of the worldwide flash mob community. “Flashmobbing”, defined by The Chambers Dictionary as “a group of people who spontaneously assemble briefly in a public place to perform some activity, often of a humorous or surreal nature”, appeared in 2003. The phenomenon of the flash mob continues in various places around North America, Europe and Asia, with many of its participants linked through this network and other secret capillaries of specific event planning. ???

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April 15, 2010 at 23:04

4 Responses to "List o’ 10 Social Networks Out of the Mainstream":

  1. PetePark April 22, 2010 at 05:03

    That write up about the goth group sounds more like a cult than a social network. It is frightening when people take things like that too literally, and you end up with the fringe crowd who have completely broken away from reality. Luckily most non-mainstream social networks are quirky and fun, like the other ones that you pointed out in your list.

  2. YoYoMe April 22, 2010 at 03:27

    Great list. looks like the Listmaster puts a lot of work into this site – thanks for sharing. I dont always comment but I do come here a lot – good site.

  3. DovetailWag April 18, 2010 at 07:09

    there are a lot of strange things out there

  4. THENden April 11, 2010 at 19:25

    No doubt there is some very strange stuff out there….but it is the crazed neo-gothics that really worry me. They take their stuff far too seriously, whereas the other clubs and networks realize that it is just for fun.