List o’ 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer

List o' 10 Unusual Flavours of BeerBeer, as old as the notion of thirst, comes in all sorts of flavours. Some are standard, some are premium and some are just downright inventive. This post highlights 10 flavours of beer that you will not find in any “global brands”, and are anything but generic in taste.



10. Pizza Beer

List o' 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer - Pizza beer

Pizza Beer was developed Labor Day, 2006 by Tom and Athena Seefurth in a home brewery in Campton Township, IL. It all started with a surplus of tomatoes, a bag of garlic and an idea that started early in the spring with the planting of the garden herbs. Smells and tastes like pizza. It has the aroma of oregano, basil and garlic. Has a taste of Italian seasoning and garlic. Spicy taste.

9. Coffee Beer

List o' 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer - Coffee beerList o' 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer - Coffee beer

The craft beer renaissance has seen an explosion in beers brewed with coffee. There is hardly a micro-brewery worth its salt that doesn’t have at least one coffee beer either in their regular lineup or featured as a favorite seasonal. Smells like dried out coffee lacking richness of some roast with a touch of chocolate and some cream. Coffee is primary flavor with a bit of oxidation to boot. Its woody finish doesnt work to keep sweet around to fight the coffee bitter.

8. Cherry Chocolate Beer

List o' 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer - Chocolate cherry beer

Described as a dark wheat beer that tastes and smells like a chocolate covered cherry. Has a gently sweet milk chocolate taste. Soft cherry sweetness hangs around in the background. It finishes with a very subtle wash of cherry flavor.

7. Banana Bread Beer

List o' 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer - Banana Bread Beer

From a die-hard reviewer and beer taster: “Im certainly stumped by the connection between bananas, bread and beer. Theyre as unrelated as soap, gravel and Incan sun gods. The front of the bottle doesnt solve the mystery, but it does have good news. Thats because, in true Wells fashion, this, is a full-pint bottle. Not one of those homogenised continental millilitre measures here.” The aroma of ripe banana and bready malts fills your nose as you pour this beautiful golden amber brew. The flavor is full of over ripe bananas with nutty and sweet bready malts. An excellent brew.

6. Chipotle Pepper Beer

List o' 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer - Chipotle Beer

The Rogue line of beers are very different from standard fare, as they brew things such as soba noodles, chipotle chilies, and juniper with their hops. Now the chipotle ale is a bit strong to drink by itself unless you are having a very spicy meal, but it is an excellent beer to use when cooking and adding that zest to meals such as chili, spicy stews, or chicken. Light, slick, with a nice spicy pepperiness, spicing things up which left a warming sensation on the tongue and lips.


5. Garlic Beer

List o' 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer - Garlic BeerList o' 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer - Garlic Beer

It has an immediate aroma of straight out of the oven garlic toast. The smell is all garlic, like the garlic smell from an Italian restaurant. The more you drink, the stronger the garlic flavor becomes and by the time you finish the bottle, it is almost impossible to stomach. If for no other reason, you have to give it a try it for the originality factor – because it’s there.

4. Sweet Potato Ale

List o' 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer - Sweet potato beer

This beer is made from the mash of sweet potatoes aka yams. This makes for a dark and cloudy beer (unfiltered) with a fairly sweet taste. It is mostly dominated by the malt though with hints of spice. From a reviewer of the brew: “Golden and slightly hazy. Floral nose of straw, potatoes, some spices like coriander and then some sweet potpourri notes. Almost squash-like. Flavor is fresh, bready, starchy, with a light Belgian yeast spice, overall fairly mild but its noticeable. Very interesting, finishing with a floral vanilla note. Overall tasty.”

3. Pumpkin Ale

List o' 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer - Pumpkin Ale

George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson are all said to have brewed beer from pumpkins. They had to: Barley and other ingredients used to make liquor in the Old World were scarce in America. So settlers used whatever they could get their hands on, including parsnips, molasses, squash, corn, and apples. (This also explains why applejack brandy was so popular back in the old days.) But truth be told, the craze for pumpkin beers didnt really take off until the late 20th century, when craft brewers started playing with the genre.

Aroma is pumpkin and the standard pumpkin spices, with a hint of brandy. A seasonal beer and the must have beverage for Halloween (unless you don’t live in North America).

2. Brown Sugar Beer

List o' 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer - Punkin

Brown sugar is derived from unrefined or partially refined sugar and flavored with molasses. The darker brown the sugar, the more residual flavor there will be in the finished beer. Hence most recipes made with brown sugar will be called Brown Ale, often with other ingredients to compliment the flavour.

1. Trappist Beer

List o' 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer - Trappist beer

Trappist beer has been regarded as the best beer in the world for centuries. And one would think if I had been making beer since 1098 that I would be pretty good at it too. Its produced by seven (six in Belgium and one in the Netherlands) of the 171 Trappist monasteries who have to fund their livelihood, so they chose to start a micro brewery. Only these seven breweries are authorized to label their beers with the Authentic Trappist Product logo that indicates a compliance to various rules edicted by the International Trappist Association.

List o' 10 Unusual Flavours of Beer

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