Nifty News: Likeable OK But Nice Not So Much

In the workplace, do others perceive being nice as being a pushover? There are some implications for each, and while these are not rules etched in stone, there is no doubt that the strategy of how you present yourself in the office can make a significant difference to how you are viewed and chances for growth. Is it better to be nice or liked almost a Machiavellian argument – as the likable person on a team typically also possesses qualities of assertiveness.

Nice or Likeable - which are you

Not so nice, but somewhat liked. And quite successful...


Some of the points made are:

  • You get dumped on for work tasks because being nice means you dont say no.
  • You dont get your problems resolved with your manager because being nice means not being confrontational
  • You dont get your opinion heard because being nice means being quiet and letting others define issues
  • You dont get as high a performance review rating because you never got out from under all the work you took on because you dont say no.

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