Nifty News: Human Powered Ripcord Recharger

Human Powered Ripcord Recharger - power on the go on the flyNow you really can get a new charge out of if it – wanking your iPod or Blackberry is the new cool. Yes, for all the green mobile uses, and the eco-friendly in general, pulling your string will generate calls, extend music playback time and snap an extra photo or two. The YoGen mobile device charger charges cell phones, mp3 players, SatNavs, digital cameras and more of your gadgets with a simple pull of a string. No matter how fast or how slowly you pull the string, you get the same amount of charge.

And even better, its not just a drop in the bucket: one minute of pulling gives you about five minutes of talk time on your cell phone. casino legali . Not bad for such a basic idea. Nevada foundation repair . The promo video demonstrates how it works – and yes, this is real (the gear, not the castaway!).

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