List o’ Top 10 Very Unfortunate Website Names

Yes – these are all real websites and the names have not been revised or made up at all. Sometimes one doesn’t imagine what the end result will be when you take a name and “webbize” it, and in fact, as you will see, the results can be pretty funny. You just gotta hope for these businesses that it is all not in the name, Internet-wise that is.


Therapist Finder: This site is for people who want a Therapist, but isn’t it funny how the eye can play tricks when reading a string of letters. Maybe you thought that this looked like a search for something else…


New York Canal: A body of water, not the underside of New York City. I guess you could say that this web site name is a real bummer.


Pen Island: well, this one doesn’t really need much explanation. Let’s just say that this is not about a land, but an island, thank you very much.


Rebel Scum – dopnt know how it got this name, but this is a site for Star Wars paraphenalia. Not a site for the bottom of the barrel anti-establishment crowd.


Who Represents: Actually a talent agency shopping page, not a shopping site for your favorite little trollop. Although some may say that the difference is really just academic.


Speed of Art: interesting site, and not too smelly at all. By the way, who wears Speedos any more?

Powergen Italia: See this link for the original post (#7).

Budget Car Rental,Cook Islands: This place will sell you cars at a discount, but boy if it doesnt look like they offer other merchandise, at least juding by their web site name.


Jake Sweeney Auto: Jake has a site all about his auto business, and nothing else has yet sprung out. Although with the site name you kind of half expect something to unexpectedly show up in the catalog.

Lake Tahoe tourism: Hey I got one, how about you? A trip to Lake Tahoe man, what did you think I was talking about !?!

AND – had to get these in also…some other honorable mentions:

  1. — ouch! (Choose Spain)
  2. stop following me! (Teachers Talk)
  3. — well, you don’t say… (Mammoth Erections, for real)
  4. — now go wash out your mouth with some soap! (Children’s Wear)
  5. — well hello ladies… (Big Als On Line)
  6. — wont touch this one with a ten foot pole… (Cumbria Store)
  7. — now that we got that straight, what else do you do? (Web One)
  8. — always knew there was something different about them… (Microsoft Exchange Org)


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3 Responses to "List o’ Top 10 Very Unfortunate Website Names":

  1. badmash October 23, 2010 at 01:46

    I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

  2. Markmaer April 22, 2010 at 03:35

    wow – there are some real goofs in there, i dont know how these actually get passed in company decision making circles. Nice list – it is a Top 10 :-) thanks!

  3. somebody January 13, 2010 at 00:26

    HILARIOUS! your posts keep getting better and BETTER, listmaster!