The Amazing Karate Monkee Master: A Video Collection

karate monkeyThis is one list that I never really imagined that would exist, but I stumbled on one video that led to more. This is crazy stuff – Charley the Chimpanzee, a 210-pound prodigy of a monkey doing karate – for real, and he is good. And here, in one place, all the hard work of searching and compiling has been done so that you can see the collection in a single post. Someone call Dana White over at the UFC, because we have a new challenger in town!

Gallery: The Karate Monkey, A Video Collection

3. seo in philadelphia . Another Karate Chimp Champ

This is not Charlie, but certainly another up and comer.

2. Training With Some Commentary From the Coach

1. Texas Foundation Repair company . Breaking Boards

Keep in mind again – this is not fake.

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