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origami artOrigami, which originated in Japan in the early-half of the 16th century, is now one of the most popular forms of creative expression. An art form that is interesting for everyone from a six year old to a sixty-six year old, if you can fold paper than you can make origami. And with a little time and patience, these are the examples of what something as simple as paper can do in the hands of a master. Patterns requiring more than 100 steps are common. Even with digital assistance, figuring out the sequence of folds that will create a beetle and all its ornaments is a mathematical problem of staggering complexity. The reigning champion of intricate origami is a 23-year-old Japanese savant named Satoshi Kamiya. Unaided by software, he recently produced what is considered the pinnacle of the field, an eight-inch-tall Eastern dragon with eyes, teeth, a curly tongue, sinuous whiskers, a barbed tail, and a thousand overlapping scales. The folding alone took 40 hours, spread out over several months.

Galleries of Origami Art

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