The Amazing Origami Art of Satoshi Kamiya

kamiya-satoshi dragon-7Satoshi Kamiya is considered to be one of the most advanced origami masters in the world today. He has been doing origami for 26 of his 28 years, and has a natural talent at extremely high levels of 3-D folding and the supporting math. Models designed by Satoshi Kamiya are a perfect example of pure origami. Pure origami means there is only single sheet of square paper, and it cant be cut or glued. Some of Satoshi Kamiya’s more complex designs can require over 275 steps to be completed, such as the Ancient Dragons, and and start with a thin paper of at least 50cm (20?) to be folded in every detail. He is known by many as the father of the modern origami dragon, with some pics on this post.

Gallery: Origami Dragons

Artist info: Origami Dragon (the Satoshi Kamiya artist page is in Japanese, so an English link is also provided)

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