List O’ 20 Easy Things That Will Improve Your Quality of Life

It’s now officiallyone weekinto the new year – 2012. What have you done, if anything, differently? Forget about resolutions and promises of massive change, they are just way too hard to keep. Most people just end up letting themselves down. However – there are some simple and everyday things that you can do to make some very real and positive changes in your life, without the Promise of New Years Resolution. Check it out:

20. Walk daily

Couch potato is just not a natural state. Comfortable, yes, but humans arent supposed to be sedentary beings. We are born to run, to walk and to play. Walking every day is good for your physical health. But more importantly, its good for your mind. Walking is a joy. You are outside without distractions. You may even see people. And theres few better ways to boast your mood.

19. Wake Up Early

Early morning is the best time of day. It’s peaceful, the hustle andbustle ofthe day hasn’t started yet and it can be very relaxing.OK, so you may not be a mornign person, butthere are no other times with no interruptions and no noise. It’s worth it.

18. Eat Right – Not Lots

Many of us overeat.It feels good tostop and say enough when the time comes. Eat slowly, and eat until youre full. Eat so that your belly doesnt bulge.

17. Get Off the Sidelines

Stop Watching, Start Doing. Watching is easy. Anyone can watch someone. Spectating isnt inherently bad, but if that is you are doing then there is no balance. Move from watcher to doer and you will find a whole new “buzz” just waiting for you.

16. Chill – Go Slowly

Our culture tells us to go fast, to sprint and win the race. Problem is, the race never ends. When you choose to go slowly, you will discover that all of sudden you get to call the shots and be in control, because you have set the pace.

15. Declutter

Hoarding sucks, and literally sucks the life out of everything around you. Declutter mentally, physically and socially. The only way to get rid of clutter is to get rid of stuff. Deal with bad thoughts and be done with them. Delete unneeded files. Get rid of unnecessary items and you will see lots of space open up around you.

14. Get Stronger

There are many ways you can become stronger. You can refuse to back down because of fear. You can stand up for whats right. And you can become physically stronger. All do one thing, increase your confidence. Gradually become stronger, and the world will open up.

13. Drink More – Water

Being well hydrated is a huge contributor to an overall sense of well being. Drink water, and it will make you feel better. Stay away from overly sugarised drinks, whichoften make you feel anxious and bloated. Drink water with meals and drink it throughout the day.

12. Discover Your Spiritual Side

The benefits of meditation are well-known. But most people dont practice it because it seems complicated. The truth is, you dont need to shave your head, or sit with crossed legs to meditate. The simplest way to meditate is to just sit and breathe. Focus on your breathe. Or focus on the sounds around you.

11. Plan -But Keep Reasonable Expectations

Planning for things is necessary to achieve and move ahead. But keep it within reasonable limits and it is amazing how this can reduce the stress that most people put on themselves. It can be that simple.

10. Live In Your Moment

We live here and now. The present is the only time we are truly living. So instead of analyzing the past or worrying about the future, it feels great to take some time to live in the moment.

9. Don’t Obsess Over Goals

Goals are good. They provide order to your life. But keep all things in check at all times.Instead ofobsessing on a goal, focus on the moment. Do things that you love, and do things well right now. This will get you farther than an arbitrary thing that you can check off, and you will eventually accomplish the goals that you set for yourself. Truly, slow and steady does win the race.

8. Focus On Whats Important

Too often,we let the little things get in the way.It is possible toforget the trivial and focus on whats important. What is important? Its up to you. Family, writing, reading, sports – whatever is important to you is what countsz. Clear away distractions and do the important things.

7. Change things up

De-routinize. A routinewill zombify a person. Instead, change things. Often you will find that a change makes things more exciting. Dont be afraid to change things up.

6. Pause Before Purchase

We really dont need to be consumers all the time. Replace the rush of purchase with the thrill of life, and take a breath before you feel the need to buy. Often we think we need something, but it ends up in the basement unused. Before you buy something, wait a day or two. If you still believe it to be useful, then buy it.

5. Stop Judging

Judging is easy. Yet, its impossible to fully understand others, especially when you judge from a distance. You dont know what someone else has been through. So why judge? Its harmful to your own peace, and its harmful to others.

4. Stop Interrupting and Listen

Let people finish their sentence. You arent in such a hurry that you need to interrupt. Let people speak. You might learn something.

3. Create Something

Everyone has something they can add to the world something they can create. Spend time everyday creating. You are capable of creating something – an artpiece, a software program, a piece of furniture, a game – something to get those creative juices flowing and feel the amazingly satisfying feeling of creative accomplishment.

2. Single-Task Is the New Multi-Task

Multi-tasking is a myth – jack of all trades, master of none. We cant multi-task our brain can only switch between tasks. So multi-tasking is actually less productive; not to mention more stressful. Instead, focus on a single task. Move on when its finished.

1. Play

Face it -people are just too serious too much of the time. It’s ok to laugh and goof off sometimes; in fact, it’s healthy.Dont’t worry about what you may look like actually having fun, justlet loose.Don’t hide your playfulness. Forget maturity. Forget working for a while. Play. Enjoy life.

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