List O’ 10 Hot Billionaire Heiresses

hilton sisters-top ten list of hot billionaire heiressesSo much talk is about eligible bachelors – how about the bachelorettes? Hey – guys like to marry into money too, and if at all possible, it helps of the Rich Girl is hot. And in the spirit of super rich, super hot women, here is a list of the top hot billionaire heiresses. Did we say hot? and rich? Check it out…

10. Amanda Hearst

top ten list-top ten hottest billionaire heiresses-Amanda Hearst

  • Age: 26
  • Billionaire Family: The Hearst family
  • Family Fortune: $1.5 billion

9. Ivanka Trump

top ten list-top ten hot billionaire heiresses

  • Age: 28
  • Billionaire Father: Donald Trump
  • Family Fortune: $2 billion

What do you get when a beautiful Czechoslovakian Olympic skier marries a rich real estate developer? Ivanka Trump.

Born in 1981, Ivanka has the best of both of her parents; the striking facial features and blond hair of her Eastern European mother, Ivana, and the deep, deep pockets of dear old dad and self-professed billionaire, Donald Trump. As a 16-year-old prep-school student, Ivanka only had her tuition paid for so she had to find other sources of income to keep her in the black. She became a model and had a successful career even before finishing school. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics. Her intelligence and true-to-form Trump work ethic have helped her attain a position as vice president of real estate development and acquisitions at none other than the Trump organization. That is as long as her dad doesnt fire her, of course.

8. Ariana Rockefeller

top ten list-top ten hottest billionaire heiresses-Ariana Rockefeller

  • Age: 27
  • Billionaire Grandfather: David Rockefeller Sr.
  • Family Fortune: $2.2 billion

7. Paris and Nikki Hilton

top ten list-top ten hot billionaire heiresses-Paris and Nikki Hilton

  • Age: 29
  • Billionaire Grandfather: William Hilton
  • Family Fortune: $2.5 billion

Paris Hilton is unique amongst the heiress clan. Paris – a celebutante (a mlange of celebrity and debutante) – doesnt merely exist, she practically has her own orbit. Born in 1981, Paris is the oldest of the four children of Kathy Richards and Richard Hilton of the Hilton Hotel chain. Pariss status as an heiress is certified as she reportedly inherited between $30 and $50 million after the death of her great grandfather, Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. Money has mostly provided her with the means to be a socialite/party girl, but Paris has also dabbled in acting (the 2005 horror remake House of Wax) even trying her hand at a reality television show called The Simple Life with co-celebutante Nicole Richie. Paris has even given singing a shot. Her album Paris was released in 2006 under her own label, Heiress Records. She also co-authored a book called Confessions of an Heiress. In late 2006, she started marketing a perfume, conveniently called Heiress.

Nicky, born in 1983, is not only gorgeous to look at, but she also has an eye for design. Her line of clothing for girls, juniors and women, Chick by Nicky Hilton, is hip and stylish and oh-so current. While Nicky manages to avoid the limelight more than her front-page riding big sis, shes still made a name for herself as a well-known model. Nicky models for designer Anand Jon and even designs handbags for Tokyo-based Samantha Thavasa. As if that werent enough, Nicky has embarked on a project to open her own chain of hotels appropriately named Nicky O.

6. Tamara Ecclestone

top ten list-top ten hottest billionaire heiresses-tamara ecclestone

  • Age: 27
  • Billionaire Father: Bernard Ecclestone
  • Family Fortune: $3 billion

Despite being worth 3 billion, the heiress whose father is Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone insists she is not a princess, and enjoys flying on budget airlines and watching tacky reality TV shows.

5. Holly Branson

top ten list-top ten hottest billionaire heiresses-Holly Branson

  • Age: 28
  • Billionaire Father: Richard Branson
  • Family Fortune: $4 billion

While Holly has routinely landed on derisive internet lists of hot billionaire heiresses, she is anything but a Hilton or a Hearst. Her diligence, maturity, intellect — and, yes, looks too — put her in an heiress class alongside Ivanka Trump, Bianca Rinehart, the Fredriksen twins: young, beautiful and filthy rich, but also very hardworking and determined to lead a personally fulfilling and meaningful life.

Widely regarded as being extraordinarily intelligent, Holly Branson attended St. Edward’s School, Oxford, one of England’s top boarding schools. On graduating, she pursued her long-held dream of becoming a doctor by attending prestigious University College London, studying pediatrics.

4. Dylan Lauren

top ten list-top ten hottest billionaire heiresses-Dylan Lauren

  • Age: 36
  • Billionaire Father: Ralph Lauren
  • Family Fortune: $4.6 billion

Dylan Lauren. daughter of fashion mogul Ralph Lauren, has a business sense of her own. She developed a hip new fashion-forward candy store called Dylans Candy Bar (DCB), which currently has four locations in the U.S. DCB not only has a unique candy-themed layout, but the store sells its own line of candies, chocolates and branded clothing. Scouting is underway for future locations. Dylan may be the heiress to daddys billion-dollar fashion empire, but that isnt stopping her from creating her own wealth in the meantime.

3. Kathrine and Cecilie Fredriksen

top ten list-top ten hottest billionaire heiresses-Kathrine and Cecilie Fredriksen

  • Age: 25
  • Billionaire Father: John Fredriksen
  • Family Fortune: $7.7 billion

Norwegian-born shipping magnate John Fredriksen has been called “a modern day Onassis.” The shipping tycoon has amassed an impressive fortune by building oil tankers and drilling equipment for maritime oil exploration. His 25-year old twin daughters are Scandinavian smoke shows who work in companies controlled by their billionaire dad.

2. Georgina Bloomberg

top ten list-top ten hottest billionaire heiresses-Georgina Bloomberg

  • Age: 27
  • Billionaire Father: Michael Bloomberg
  • Family Fortune: $18 billion

Georgina Bloomberg, the daughter to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is both an accomplished equestrian and New York Knicks fan, where she’s frequently spotted with her billionaire father. In November, Georgina dished to Page Six magazine about choosing an equestrian career over college and her father’s meteoric rise on the billionaire list. Most recently Georgina landed a sports modeling deal.

1. Marta Ortega Prez

Marta Ortega Perez billionaire heiress

  • Age: 26
  • Billionaire Father: Amancio Ortega Gaona
  • Family Fortune: $25 billion

Marta Perez began her quest to inherit her father’s Inditex fashion retail empire with a no-frills job stocking shelves and dealing with customers service at a Bershka fashion store. Inditex now boasts some 4,500 stores in 73 countries, including chichi designer brands such as Bershka, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, and the massive Zara chain. The daughter of Spain’s richest man is reported to be an avid equestrian and still single, so a little horse whispering might be the quickest way to winning the heart of this billionaire heiresses.

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