List O’ Ten Things That Will Make You Dumber

List O' Ten Things That Will Make You DumberDo you make yourself dumber? We all know about activities and habits that will will make you smarter, but did you know that there are things that you do every day that can reduce your intelligence. Not just the obvious stuff like smoking crack or watching too much TV, but habits or points of lifestyle that are quite common, such as the very first one on this list – the one that your mother always warned you about!

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10. Skipping Breakfast

TOP TEN LIST - things habits that will make you dumber - skipping breakfast

When you wake up in the morning after going 10 – 12 hours without food, your energy reserves are low and your body and brain need fuel. Besides, your body has spent 1 liter of water during the night through breathing, sweating and morning visit to the bathroom. So your body wakes up empty in the morning and on behalf of 100 trillion cells begs you, Hey, give me back all the nutrients, energy and water I spent in the last 24 hours.

What you choose to eat for breakfast can affect your mood, physical and mental performance, weight and your general and long-term health. People who do not eat breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level. This leads to an insufficient supply of nutrients to the brain causing brain degeneration.

9. Overeating

TOP TEN LIST - things habits that will make you dumber - overeating

Aside from expanding your waistline to the size of a continental shoreline, this habit of gluttony causes hardening of the brain arteries, leading to a decrease in mental acuity and brain power. To quote Benjamin Franklin – “A full belly makes for a dull brain”.

8. Smoking

TOP TEN LIST - things habits that will make you dumber - smoking

Smoking causes so much damage to the brain and all things related to intelligence that it is hard to even know where to start. Some smokers actually try to rationalize by saying that it helps to focus thought…

MYTH ALERT: It is a myth that smoking helps to concentrate and makes a smoker alert. In fact, the speed and accuracy of a smoker’s thinking ability becomes weak and actually lowers the IQ. This fact has been established by several research studies. Long-term smoking has other harmful effects brain-related functions such as memory, problem-solving, and IQ. Basically smoking diminishes the thinking ability of a person – it makes them dumber.

7. High Sugar Consumption

TOP TEN LIST - things habits that will make you dumber - sugar consumption

Refined sugars and brain function are a big no-no. These are the sugars we typically find in abundance on store shelves and in the average North American diet. The sugar energy from soda, cookies and desserts, flood your bloodstream with glucose almost immediately. At first you get an initial ‘sugar high’ as the sugar queues serotonin, a brain chemical that makes you feel happy, to be released into the brain.

The massive increase in blood sugar signals the pancreas to start pumping out large amounts of insulin. Once the insulin gets into the bloodstream it soaks up the sugar to store for later use, depriving the brain, other organs and muscles of energy. These are the beginnings of the infamous ‘sugar crash’ as you become weak, tired and unable to focus. The ‘sugar high’ combined with the ensuing ‘sugar crash’ causes you to crave even more sugar, most likely resulting in a damaging cycle of sugar binging. So avoid refined sources of sugar as much as possible.

OF COURSE not all sugar is bad, and some is vital for the brain to be at its best. Glucose is a form of sugar that your body creates from the carbohydrates you eat. Once the glucose is made it gets into the bloodstream so that your muscles and organs can use it for energy. In fact, your brain needs at least 125 to 150 grams of glucose per day to function. It’s usually the only source of energy for the brain. The brain’s neurons must have this supply of energy from the bloodstream since they aren’t capable of storing energy, like fat, for later use.

Interested in this point ? More detail here.

6. No Exercise – Sedentary Lifestyle

TOP TEN LIST - things habits that will make you dumber - not enough exercise

Yes, it is possible to just sit around the house and get stupid. As the body goes flabby, gets lazy and loses motivation, the brain follows suit. So – put down the remote, hand off the mouse, let go of the game controller – put on some shoes and get outside!

5. Sleep Deprivation

TOP TEN LIST - things habits that will make you dumber - lack of sleep

Sleep allows our brain to rest. A sleepy person’s brain works harder – and accomplishes less. Long term deprivation from sleep will accelerate the death of brain cells. This is really an asy one for anyone to relate to, as we have all been sleepy and know full well that we just don’t think too well when tired. It’s a no brainer – get more sleep!

4. Sleeping With Your Head Covered

TOP TEN LIST - things habits that will make you dumber - sleeping-with-head-covered

First of all, this is generally a bad idea, because you just might suffocate yourself and die! but if you do survive a night’s sleep with your head covered, this still increases the concentration of carbon dioxide, thereby decreasing the level of oxygen, that you breathe and may lead to brain damaging effects.

3. Working Your Brain While You Are Sick

TOP TEN LIST - things habits that will make you dumber - working while sick

This is very common to students and professionals alike. Going to school or office while sick and doing lots of brain work. Working hard or studying with sickness may lead to a decrease in effectiveness of the brain as well as damage the brain.

2. Plain Lack of Usage: No Stimulating Thoughts

TOP TEN LIST - things habits that will make you dumber - no brain activity

Simply stated – Use it or lose it! This is very much like the benefit of physical exercise, only this one is mental exercise – activity for the brain keeps it in top shape. Go figure! Thinking is the best way to train our brain. having smart conversations or writing some essays is very healthy. Talking non-sense things is definitely not. It is best to always have brain stimulating thoughts to avoid brain shrinkage.

1. Not Talking

TOP TEN LIST - things habits that will make you dumber - not talking

Theres nothing bad in being talkative, it is actually healthy. Intellectual conversations promote the efficiency of the brain.

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