List O’ Ten Odd Factoids About Adolf Hitler

hitler-teletubbieMore than just a homicidal maniac and most evil person of the modern age, Hitler was also a bit quirky. A 2010 test of Hitler’s DNA showed that he descended from Africans and Jews, which is more than just a bit off, but this isn’t the only thing weird about him. [OK, you could argue that actually everything about him is weird]. But check out the other juicy little factoids on this list.

10. Hitler Invented the Blow-Up Sex Doll

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OK – maybe not Hitler himself, but damn it’s fun to say that! However, the blow up doll was invented in Germany…

In August 1955, Max Weissbrodt of the Hausser/Elastolin company created one of the first sex dolls to be marketed as such: an 11.5-inch plastic figurine named Bild Lilli, modeled after the hypersexualized appearance of a cartoon character named Lilli that had gained popularity in the German newspaper Bild Zeitung. Bild Lilli was marketed as a joke doll for “men who perhaps could not afford the real thing”, advertised via pamphlets distributed to men who frequented German red-light districts such as Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. Lilli dolls bore a striking resemblance to today’s Barbie dolls.

Interesting factoid: The dame de voyage (French) or dama de viaje (Spanish) was a direct predecessor to today’s sex dolls that originated in the seventeenth century. Dames de voyage were makeshift fornicatory dolls made of sewn cloth or old clothes, used by French and Spanish sailors while isolated at sea during long voyages.

9. Hitler Loved the Circus

List O' Ten Odd Factoids About Adolf Hitler-the nutso peanut nazi

Legend has it that this sadistic bastard took real pleasure in the idea that underpaid performers were risking their lives to please him. And not only was he not afraid of the clowns – he actually hired them as his officers!

8. His Nazi Rallies were Inspired by Harvard Cheerleaders

List O' Ten Odd Factoids About Adolf Hitler-patriot_cheerleaders

Hitlers good friend, Ernst Hanfstaengl, had been sent to study at Harvard by his parents. When he returned, he described the cheerleaders to Adolf, who became obsessed with the idea of stirring blind enthusiasm in this way. Rah, rah, rah became Sig Heil, Heil Hitler, Hanfstaengl recalled later, That is the origin of it, and I suppose I must take my part of the blame.

7. He Enjoyed Playing Practical Jokes on his Staff

top ten list weird facts about Hitler

One of his favorite targets was his foreign minister. He would have a staffer call the minister with the news that Hitler was furious with something he had said. Hitler would listen on the phone, providing further instructions to drive the minister to a nervous breakdown. One prank famously backfired, when he sent Ernst Hanfstaengl into Spain on a plane full of Gestapo, and made him think he was being set up for a suicide mission. Hanfstaengl took an opportunity while refueling to board a train to Switzerland, and before anyone could let him in on the joke, he turned himself in to the Allies, becoming an invaluable source of information. Nice gag there Hitler old boy :-)

Even better was when his staff played that gag on him and tried to blow him up. And how do you miss blowing up someone who is in a bunker – idiots!

6. Adolf Loved his Mustache

top ten list strange factoids about hitler-weird mustache

Even though he really had only half a moustache, it was the way that he wore it in the middle of his lip that really rocked his world. When a Nazi press secretary asked him to get rid of it, he replied, Do not worry about my mustache. If it is not the fashion today, it will be later because I wear it. Well that worked out well – not! Don’t really see that that style o’ stash around much any more….

5. Hitler Had an Massive Sweet Tooth

top ten list strange factoids about hitler-sweets glutton

Hitler regularly ate up to two pounds of chocolate a day, in addition to pastries and hot chocolate with copious amounts of whipped cream. He generally took his tea with seven teaspoons of sugar. He was once caught by, Ernst Hanfstaengl, adding spoonfuls of sugar to a glass of red wine. See what a ten year sugar high can do to someone? It’s crazy – really.

4. Hitler Was a Vegetarian

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Nobody actually knows his reasoning for this. Maybe it was health related or he just didn’t want to kill poor, innocent, defenseless, animals. Some people say that he became a vegetarian after attending the autopsy of a girlfriend. She killed herself after being actively pursued by Hitler. Well thats a surprise that she killed herself. After her death, he was grief stricken, and felt compelled to attend the autopsy. Afterwards, he refused to eat meat, and took every opportunity to ruin meat for others. Kind of like how ruined life for everyone!

3. Hitler Was the First Emo Boy

top ten list-weird facts about Hitler

Guess who started the whole Emo thing? Oh yeah baby, it was the little guy with the half a moustache – he was all about the flap over bangs and wore stockings under his army pants. Had pierced nipples too, and a tongue stud for all the boys in the bunker – what a trend setter!

2. Hitler’s Mother Considered an Abortion

top ten list weird factoids about hitler-shoulda been aborted

Damn it Ma, why didn’t you go through with it! Adolf Hitler’s mother seriously considered having an abortion but was talked out of it by her doctor. Was probably Doctor Goebels – shit.

1. Hitler’s First Girlfriend Was Jewish

top ten weird factoids about Hitler-bondage boy

This could explain his hate towards the Jewish. When Hitler was 16 years old when he fell for a girl named Stefanie Isak. This 4 year long crush, during which he stalked, but never talked to the girl developed into obsessive macabre fantasy and utter delusion. – LOSER!

He was obsessed. Adolph used to fantasize about throwing himself off a bridge in despair and killing her too. As you can probably tell this loving, romantic relationship didnt work out. Eva Braun also had Jewish lineage; so, in addition to being King Asshole Dick-tator of the century, kind of makes old Adolf the world’s biggest hypocrite.

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