List o’ Ten Charlie Sheen Trivia Factoids

List o' Ten Charlie Sheen Trivia FactoidsWe already know way too much about Charlie Sheen! So here are a few factoid tidbits to add to that information overload :-)

  1. He accidentally shot his then fiance, Kelly Preston, in the arm. Soon after that incident, she left him and married her formerly platonic friend, John Travolta.

  2. He loves barbeque sauce, and has even thought about releasing his own brand someday.

  3. He was the former brother-in-law of Paula Abdul.

  4. His daughter, Sam Sheen, was born during the production of Scary Movie 3. Since the movie’s initials are SM, he and ex-wife Denise Richards wanted a name with those two letters in it.

  5. He has a tattoo on his chest that looks like a note pinned to it that reads, Be Back in 15 Minutes.

  6. His family had an intervention to try to get him to control his drug and alcohol abuse. He entered rehab for 30 days and ended up staying sober for exactly 366 days. His main goal was to make one year, and after making it, he drank the very next day at Nicolas Cage’s home.

  7. He enjoys deep sea fishing.

  8. He was born a blue baby.

  9. His nickname is Chuckles.

  10. His other nickname is The Machine. OK….

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