List o’ Top Ten Most Exotic Frogs

So many different types of frogs around the world – there are few places on earth that don’t have frogs. Technically speaking, the distribution of frogs ranges from tropic to subarctic regions, but most species are found in tropical rainforests. Consisting of more than 5,000 species described, they are among the most diverse groups of vertebrates. This list presents ten cool species of exotic frogs.

10. Chile Darwins Frog

The Chile Darwin’s Frog (Rhinoderma rufum) is one of only two members of the family Rhinodermatidae. It is endemic to Chile. This species of frog exhibits a highly unusual form of parental care in that the tadpoles spend part of their life developing in the vocal sac of their father, where they ‘hitch a ride’ to a pool of water in their father’s vocal sac where they complete their development from the tadpole to the frog form.

Very little is known about this species, but its natural habitats are probably Temperate Forests, Rivers, and Swamps. It is currently considered critically endangered, but as there have been no confirmed records since around 1980, it may already be extinct.

9. Pipa or Surinam Toad (Pipa pipa)

list of top ten most exotic frogs - Pipa or Surinam Toad

list of top ten most exotic frogs - Pipa or Surinam Toadlist of top ten most exotic frogs - Pipa or Surinam Toadlist of top ten most exotic frogs - Pipa or Surinam Toad

This Surinam toad is the worlds flattest amphibianin fact, it looks like the victim of an unfortunate road accident. Yet this frogs unusual shape helps hide it among the leaves and plant debris in the streams they inhabit in the Amazon River Basin of South America. Like some of the other frogs above, they have an amazing reproductive strategy: after the female lays eggs the male attaches them to the females back. They stick to her skin, which grows to form pockets over them, giving her a honeycomb appearance. The tadpoles grow within these pockets and emerge as toadlets after 20 weeks. You can learn how to care for one here.

8. Flying Frogs

list of t op ten most exotic frogs - Wallaces Flying frog

list of t op ten most exotic frogs - Wallaces Flying froglist of t op ten most exotic frogs - Wallaces Flying frog

These frogs leap and glide from tree to tree by spreading out their huge webbed feet like parachutes. They are rarely found on ground except to mate and lay eggs. Their oversized toe pads help them stick to tree trunks and to land softly. Flying frogs inhabit the dense tropical jungles of Malaysia and Borneo.

7. The Hip Pocket Frog

list of top ten most exotic frogs - hip-pocket-frog

This is called a Male Marsupial frog because like a kangaroo it carries its young in pouches. It has two openings, one on each hip, where tadpoles develop. First the female lays eggs in damp sand, then they are guarded by the male, and finally they hatch into finless white tadpoles, which wriggle their way into the pouches. Only about half make it. They emerge 7 to 10 weeks later as froglets. Hip-pocket frogs are terrestrial and live among leaf litter in the forest (and like a few of our other unusual frogs, they are only found in Australia).

6. Southern Gastric-Brooding Frog (Rheobatrachus silus)

list of top ten most exotic frogs - Rheobatrachus_silus_with_baby-Southern Gastric-Brooding Frog

Here you can see a tiny froglet emerging from its mother’s mouth.

This species was discovered in 1972 living in rocky creeks and ponds in the rainforest of Queensland, Australia. They have an amazing way of bringing up baby. First the female swallows her eggs, then her digestion slows down and she stops feeding and the tadpole develops in her stomach. After six to eight weeks, she opens her mouth, dilates her esophagus and the babies crawl out. Sadly, this extraordinary frog is most probably extinct. The last wild southern gastric-brooding frog was seen in 1981the last known frog in captivity died in 1983.

5. Pinocchio Nosed Frog

list of top ten most exotic frogs - Pinocchio Nosed frog

The Pinocchio-nosed frog was discovered recently during a wildlife expedition to Indonesias remote Foja Mountains in 2010. This long-nosed frog, a tree frog, has a spike on its nose that points upward when the male is calling but deflates and points downward when he is less active.

4. The Amazon Horned Frog

Amazon Horned frog

This frog is most eminent and elegant face in all amphibians. They are found in Amazon Basin and can grow up to 8 inches. They live on land and prey on its prey instantly. They faced strangely and give you expressions as they dont like you.

3. The Turtle Frog

turtle frog

This unusual-looking frog looks like a turtle that has lost its shell. It has a short, blunt snout, little beady eyes, and short, fat limbs. It lives underground in burrows in sandy soil and chambers in termite colonies, upon which it feeds. During a few rainy nights in summer they emerge, mate, then then burrow underground where the eggs are laid. Four to six months later the eggs hatch as fully formed froglets. The Turtle frog only lives in the coastal plains and woodlands of extreme Southwestern Australia.

2. The Transparent Frog


Glass frogs are nocturnal tree frogs that live in the humid forests of Central and South America. Their name comes from the translucent skin on the underside of their bodies. In many species the glass frogs internal organs, even a beating heart, can be seen. This see-through skin helps them blend into the forest.

1. Bob, The Ornate Horned Frog


ornate_horned_frogtop ten list weirdest frogs - ornate_horned_frogornate_horned_frogornate_horned_frogornate_horned_frog

This frog is nicknamed the Pac-Man frog because of its enormous mouth and insatiable appetite. They are a sit-and-wait ambush predator and hide well-disguised on the ground or in leaf litter. Ornate horned frogs can swallow birds, insects, mice, or even other frogs whole. This species can be found in Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil.

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