List o’ Top Ten Fit and Healthy Apps For Android

List O' Top Fit and Healthy Apps For AndroidMost people know about Wii Fit – pretty cool – and all those iPhone apps that get all the press. But Android has a ton of apps that have been developed for this platform from Google. And, like all things Google, they are quickly taking a big chunk out of the market. Here is a list of top ten Android apps that are specifically for health and fitness – no games, utilities or wiz-bang apps; these Android apps will keep you a lean, mean trim machine.

10. WeightPad

List O' Top Fit and Healthy Apps For Android - Weight Pad-for-Android

Obesity is the worst enemy of health and thus this application is ready to help you with your diet and weight. It monitors your daily weight control by taking a log of your weight and producing it to you in a graphical format. Now check the change of your daily weight and the degree of achievement for your goal weight.

9. Calorie Counter

List O' Top Fit and Healthy Apps For Android - calorie-counter-android-app

The Calorie Counter PRO Android App by is a comprehensive diet app for the Android platform. The app gives you the ability to track the calories you consume with over 300,000 foods available with data already loaded into the app.

Once you are ready to start your diet plan when you load your app you will come to the Home screen where you will find your meals, exercises, weight, charts, analysis, water intake, measurements, notes, vitamins and medications and a section for MyNetDiary Tools. This app is very comprehensive and there is a lot of details about the diet plan and stats that you have access to.

8. Body Fitness

list of top ten health and fitness apps for android - Body-Fitness-Android-app-Yoga

Body Fitness is a free application for Android Platform devices. It can be seen as a virtual trainer, which can guide you through everything related to your fitness, right from the workout sessions to diet plans etc. Specific areas include Exercise Library, Yoga, Workout and Cardio as options. Each area includes exercises with instructions, pictures and tips.

7. RunKeeper

list of top ten health and fitness android apps - runkeeper

RunKeeper is a polished Android app, including GPS tracking, map integration, music management, and so on. All of your RunKeeper activities, including those you enter in manually, are aggregated on the Android phone and your RunKeeper dashboard-accessible through the main RunKeeper web site. You can keep your stats to yourself for personal review. You can also be easy to share them with Twitter and Facebook.

6. Lightning Bug Sleep Clock

list of top ten health and fitness android apps - lightning bug

Just running and jogging and taking control over your eating habits is not important. Studies shows that adequate sleep is also necessary for the body to stay fit. Now with Lightning Bug Sleep Clock relax and get to sleep easier by playing soothing sounds.

Lightning Bug is a simple but powerful ambience and white noise mixer for Android powered devices. The app has a library of sound loops and samples ranging from the natural peace of rain storms and ocean waves, to pure white noise, city trains, meditation bells, acoustic and electronic instruments, and down-tempo break beats. Lightning Bug also includes many soothing backgrounds and sound visualizations. It even has a stylish, customizable digital clock with alarm, a great replacement for your bedside alarm clock to wake you up when it is time to get going.

5. Sporty Pal

list of top ten health and fitness android apps - sportypal

Fire up SportyPal when you’re in motion whether you’re running or roller blading, and it measures your distance, speed, calories burned, and more. Later you can sync your data up to your web-based profile and see all the stats gathered from your exercise routine charted out. If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast and you cover a lot of ground hiking or mountain biking SportPal can even display your route on a topographical map for a 3D-style representation of your exercise adventures.

4. Medicinal Herbs

list of top ten health and fitness android apps - medicinal herbs

From centuries, herbal and plants have proved to be an effective medicine for many diseases and injuries. Medicinal Herbs provides users with a list of herbs and plants which can be used to cure different diseases and conditions, however, at times it can be very difficult to know where to look for accurate herbal information. It has a large database of herbs and plants which contains all the information about that specific herb. Just browse the herb you want to know about and it will display complete information about that herb, how it functions, whether any claims are questionable etc.

3. AllSport GPS

list of top ten health and fitness android apps - trimble-allsport-gps-fitness-android-app

With Allsport GPS, you can track youroutdoor AC. For people with GPS-enabled devices, this application helps users to boost their workout activities. AllSport enables users to trace and log their outdoor activities results on their devices. These activities may include walking, running, hiking, cycling, mountain biking and snowboarding. The app helps you track your routes, distance, time, speed and calories burned; view maps, elevation and speed graphs, customize the display and much more. It allows users to view and examine results, upload maps, plan workouts, share information with friends and family members via email and also through Facebook. Users can also customize workouts shared by other users and send them to their Android devices.

2. Workout Coach

list of top ten health and fitness android apps - workout coachlist of top ten health and fitness android apps - workout coach

Workout coach is an excellent android app to manage your workout routine. With Workout Coach, you can keep track of your of your workout, record logs, manage your running patterns through GPS and manual data entry, define and reach your fitness goals, check your workout statistics and much more.

1. Absolute Fitness

list of top ten health and fitness android apps - absolute fitness

If you want an all-in-one app to track your food intake, exercise regimen and fitness goals, check out Absolute Fitness. It includes features such as stats, charts, food analysis and online backup of your data.

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