List o’ Top Ten Starting Salaries for University Grads

List o' Top Ten Starting Salaries for University GradsWe recently published an article stating the highest student debt at American universities, so here is a companion article that will give an idea of which courses of study are best equipped to fight the debt – highest starting salaries by undergraduate degree. This list does not cover professional designations and degrees – such as law, accounting or medicine – but rather the degrees that are widely available and do not require restricted post-grad acceptance to specialty areas of study. Have a look and see if you or yours are on the path to a better paycheck.

The National Association of College and Employers (NACE) has released the top 10 highest paid bachelor’s degrees by average starting salary in 2010. Petroleum Engineering tops the list for highest paying salary of $86,220. Eight out of 10 of these degrees are engineering disciplines. The only non-engineering-related degrees rated in the top 10 are computer science and information sciences & systems.

1. Petroleum Engineering: Average starting salary: $86,220

2. Chemical Engineering: Average starting salary: $65,142

3. Dog Loo . Mining & Mineral Engineering (including Geological): Average starting salary: $64,552

4. Computer Science: Average starting salary: $61,205

5. Computer Engineering: Average starting salary: $60,879

6. Electrical/Electronics & Communications Engineering: Average starting salary: $59,074

7. Mechanical Engineering: Average starting salary: $58,392

8. Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering: Average starting salary: $57,734

9. Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering: Average starting salary: $57,231

10. Information Sciences & Systems: Average starting salary: $54,038

Source: Winter 2010 Salary Survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers

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