List O’ 15 Phobias You Have Not Heard About

list of top 15 strange phobias Don’t be afraid to read this list — another in the series of uncommon phobias.

15. Automatonophobia

list of top 25 freaky phobias - Automatonophobia

Automatonophobia is the fear of human-looking figures that are not actually human, such as wax figures, ventriloquists dummies, humanoid robots and audio animatronics. While this condition may not develop into a full blown phobia, someone with this condition will at the very least experience hesitation when encountering these figures.

Automatonophobia is thought to be related to the fear of masks – maskaphobia. And the fear of dolls – pediophobia – is considered as a subset of the fear of dummies. There are some people who are afraid of only wax figures, while some are afraid of dolls alone. Some people find it disturbing to visit theme parks and local attractions that often use moving humanoid figures in their displays.

14. Peladophobia

list of top 25 freaky phobias - Peladophobia

This particular phobia is feeling anxiety at the thought of, or actually seeing a bald person. But not to be confused with phalacrophobia, which is the fear of going bald. Maybe one leads to the other, but probably have to consult an expert on that, maybe a barber.

13. Ablutophobia

list of top 25 freaky phobias - Ablutophobia

Ablutophobia will be the persistent, abnormal and unwarranted fear of bathing, washing, or cleansing. This phobia is a situational particular phobia. Ablutophobia tends to be more typical in children and ladies than in males and particularly with those those who are very emotional. Such a phobia makes you feel dejected and lonelier. It may be an influence of an event from the past linking bathing, washing or cleansing to emotional trauma. The original catalyst would be a real-life scare of some kind, the condition may also be triggered by any event observed on Tv, films or even witnessing someone else expertise trauma.

It is different from fear of water or hydrophobia as the person is not afraid of the water, but the cleansing. He might not care about the water if it is not being utilized to clean him/her. Those suffering form Ablutophobia expertise dizziness, breathlessness, excessive sweating, heart palpitations, nausea, dry mouth, feeling sick, shaking, becoming mad or losing control.

12. Decidophobia

List of top 25 freaky phobias - decidophobia

It’s not as if people with decidophobia don’t like making decisions – they are downright afraid. The person coping with this phobia is painfully aware that life if full of choices and decisions are made based on those choices. The decidophobic individual may actually fear making the wrong decision and so is paralyzed from making any decision at all. Most commonly, The person coping with Decidophobia has experienced a traumatic, real-life event. That experience is then automatically associated with making decisions of any type or magnitude. Can’t really decide how bad this phobia might be…

11. Phagophobia

list of top 25 freaky phobias - Phagophobia

Some people experience a lump in their throat upon swallowing food. Others fear that, if they eat or drink, they will choke to death. What ever the specific fear is, they all fear swallowing and this is called Phagophobia. Sometimes this problem can be traced to some type of choking incident that has happened earlier in life. For others, it may be related to a physical problem.

10. Apeirophobia

list of top 25 freaky phobias - Apeirophobia

Apeirophobia, also called the fear of infinity, is a fear of eternity and things lasting for ever. For some cultures and religions, such as the idea of living forever in heaven or the continuous cycle of reincarnation, can be absolutely terrifying for some people. It must take a very long time to get over this phobia.

9. Philophobia

list of top 25 freaky phobias - Philophobia

Philophobia is the fear of emotional attachment, of being in or falling in love. This fear of love isn’t merely a distressing emotional condition; it results in actual physical symptoms, and may even heighten a person’s alienation from all people, family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Every human relationship requires a certain amount of emotional involvement, but people who suffer from philophobia are often unable to make this connection. Philophobics may start by avoiding close contact with members of the opposite sex, and then become so sensitized to emotional reactions that they begin to avoid all people.

8. Aphenphosmophobia

list of top 25 freaky phobias - Aphenphosmophobia

Aphenphosmophobia is literally the fear of touching or being touched. It is believed that in most cases, this fear is triggered by past abuse. People who suffer from this fear may not only fear being touched, they may also have a fear of people in what they perceive as their own personal space. For many people who suffer from this phobia, it may just be directed towards unfamiliar people, but for some this fear may extend to family members and close friends, making it a seriously debilitating social condition.

7. Arithmophobia/Numerophobia

list of top 15 odd phobias - Arithmophobia/Numerophobia

Two different words to describe a fear of the same thing: numbers. It is a condition where the brain simply cannot get around a number of figures and becomes frustrated and anxious because while they may want to achieve more, they find that there is a hidden obstacle in the way and this is that irrational fear. The fear of numbers can be quite diverse. It could also be the fear of a particular number or larger numbers that you can’t get your head around.

Some may consider that the fear of numbers is a type of dyslexia. The problem is that arithmetic is all about logic and the fundamental basic laws of the universe. Unfortunately, some brains are not really meant to work in a particularly logical way of thinking so this can leave one open potentially to a number of confusions and complications.

6. Linonophobia

list of top 15 odd phobias - linonophobia

One of the more odd phobias, this one is centered on string. String of all colors and fibers, including yarn, thread and sometimes rope. Let’s just hope that someone with linonophobia does not also have a fear of tape, or it could get really difficult wrapping up gifts at Christmas.

5. Consecotaleophobia

list of top 15 odd phobias - Consecotaleophobia

Consecotaleophobia is a morbid fear of chopsticks. Many people may not know how to use chopsticks, and might be afraid of looking silly trying, but this phobia is not about appearance – it is the actual fear of the chopsticks themselves. Maybe the thought of getting a splinter is too scary. Apparently a study was done and found that 60 percent of people who eat Chinese food choose to use a knife and fork because they are afraid of chopsticks. Our guess is that this is mainly from the looking silly part, but there are some true consecotaleophobics in there as well.

4. Epistemophobia

list of top 15 strange phobias - Epistemophobia

Epistemophobia is the fear of knowledge, and there would be more to write, but the author is too freaked out to do any research to fond out more about this phobia.

3. Anthophobia

list of top 15 strange phobias - Anthophobia

Anthophobia is a persistent fear of flowers. Although victims usually understand that they face no threat from flowers, they invariably experience anxiety at the sight or thought. Any genus or species of flowers can instill fear, as can any flower component, for example a petal or stem. Anthophobia is also referred to as the fear of little harmless issues, such as a little torn piece of paper.

2. Cacophobia

list of top 15 strange phobias - Cacophobia

Cacophobia is an overwhelming fear of ugliness. The cacophobic person may not just fear ugly people. People coping with this phobia can be so severely compromised that they may be intensely fearful of objects and situations that they consider to be ugly.

1. Ithyphallophobia

list of top 15 strange phobias - Ithyphallophobia

This fear really stands out as being number one. Ithyphallophobia is the fear of seeing, thinking about, or having an erection. Obviously a recipe for staying celibate and never becoming a parent.


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