List o’ Top Ten Worst Movies From Video Games

List o' Top Ten Worst Movies From Video GamesThe games were great, but when the movie industry got its hands on them, it all went downhill from there. Now – this is not to say that there weren’t good ones made – there were. But some were real stinkers. So many gamers were disappointed when their favoreite console games hit the theatres and just made you say – WTF? Apparently, the original storylines werent good enough for the filmmakers, so they decided to make extensively unappealing versions of their own to target a larger audience and not just the gaming community.

This post presents a list of the ten worst movies based on video games.

10. Doom (2005)

list of top ten worst movies made from video games - doom

he graphics in Doom are great, which is to be expected. The scene with Pinky 2.0 is really crazy and the BFG does the hilarious “honey, I melted the neighborhood” damage that you’d think it would. There is never an Anaconda moment where you’re thinking “they let that go? Do they think I’m blind?” But it just isn’t enough to pull this movie out of the trash bin – having good graphics these days is like bragging that your movie is in color.

Doom’s humor is so predictably stuck in one liners that it’s sad. And the drama isn’t much better, culminating in a flashback scene where one of the gruff hired killers stops shooting stuff for a sec to a have a “mommy NOOOOooooooo!!!!” flashback (an actual quote). This is the failure of Doom: it takes itself way too seriously. We’re not here for the plot. C’mon, It’s Doom, a game about going to Mars to kill zombies. On top of all this, after a pretty underwhelming showdown, the movie ends very abruptly and I was left sitting there thinking “that’s it?”. Love The Rock – hate the movie. Rotten Tomatoes rating: 1 star

9. Alone in the Dark (2005)

list of top ten worst movies made from video games-alone in the dark

Alone in the Dark is one of the most critically and commercially reviled films of the last decade – this movie is a mess. It’s confusing, you never get to know any character enough to care about them, the acting is awful (for which I blame the director – not the actors) and the action sequences are poorly choreographed. The director just made one bad decision after another. Alone in the Dark currently ranks #44 on the list of the worst films of all time on IMDB right between the monkey movie Ed and the comedy classic Phat Girlz. IMDB rating: 2.2

8. Super Mario Bros (1993)

list of top ten worst movies made from video games-Super Mario Bros

Many fans of Nintendo’s famous Mario franchise felt betrayed by this movie. Save for a few in-jokes, character names and extremely vague themes, the film has absolutely nothing to do with the Nintendo games we grew up playing. Not a thing. In fact, it rewrites the lore in such a way that it’s virtually unrecognizable as a “Mario Movie” — if not for the fact that Bob Hoskins and John Lequizzaaaiaimamo don the classic outfits later on in the film, watching this flick with the mute button in effect would instill no sense of anything related to Nintendo whatsoever.

7. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)

list of top ten worst movies made form video games-Mortal Kombat-Annihilation-the movie

The whole point of the first “Mortal Kombat” film is that by defeating Shang Tsung’s warriors in the tournament, Liu Kang and the others prevent Shao Kahn’s forces from invading Earth. All of that gets thrown out the window in the first few minutes of this sequel. Shao Kahn’s forces start dropping out of the sky, and Earthrealm begins merging with Outworld – yeah, right.

The film does end, and with a climatic final battle between good and evil that somehow manages to be just as nondescript as the rest of the fights that preceded it. Even Rayden’s death fails to make the final battle interesting. “What? Lord Vegan is dead? Good! Who else needs to die so that this vapid film can finally end? Kill ‘em!” – please.

6. Double Dragon (1994)

list of top ten worst movies made from video games-double dragon

There are bad action sequences and corny lines galore in this movie, but the story is the most insipid part of the tale. I mean, the arcade/NES game was simple enough-two guys punch a girl in the chest and two more guys have to come save her, beating up everyone in their path. So, what does this version do? Make up some junk about a Chinese pendant that grants the wearers mystical powers.

the weirdest scene has to be the penultimate fight. Billy and Jimmy are fighting amongst a crowd in the Power Core lair, which looks way too much like the Foot Clan club from the first Ninja Turtles movie. Then, Billy and Jimmy go one on one, and an actual Double Dragon arcade game is in the set. That is almost cosmic. That would be like in Pokemon, and Ash walks by a shop selling Pokemon Red and Blue for 35 PokeDollars each. It’s broken quickly, but then, they smash a bunch of other arcade games.

Just B-A-D!

5. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)

list of top ten worst movies made form video games-street-fighter-the-legend-of-chun-li

The original Street Fighter movie has had more than its fair share of bashing, and it wasnt all that bad. The same, however, cannot be said for The Legend of Chun-Li, which has more guns in it than kicks and punches. At least the original stayed somewhat true to the theme of the game street fighting.

So – how do you take a film based on a fighting game and make it boring! You can make it hammy and retarded for sure, the Jean Claude Van Damme film proved that (bad Jean Claude Van Damme movie – repetitive? Oh yeah), but how do you make it boring?! It’s fighting! Well, here are a few things that suck about this movie:

  1. Characters bare no resemblance to the source material.
  2. A lot of characters are left out including staples like Ryu, Ken and Akuma.
  3. There’s not very much fighting in a fighting game movie.
  4. The few fight scenes make the choreography in an old power rangers episode look like The Matrix.
  5. Why would you make the first live action street fighter movie in 15 years about chun li???? How about RYU, the main character!!! AAARGHH!
  6. It’s not even bad enough to laugh at, just enough to make you fall asleep.

4. BloodRayne (2005)

list of top ten worst movies made from video games-bloodrayne

Bloodrayne is based off the video game of the same name, and is directed by notorious german director Uwe Boll. It’s just amazing how the cinematic world allows people like Boll to do whatever they want to ruin successful video game franchises. In this case the victim is “Bloodrayne”. The movie features dreadful acting, shameful dialogue and a sex scene that is so preposterously bad there just aren’t words to describe it. Save the 2 hours of your life that you will never get back – don’t watch this movie.

3. In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)

list of top ten worst movies made from video games-In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

It is no secret – from the story line to the set and costume design, In the Name of the King is a second-rate regurgitation of The Lord of the Rings. And once again the Uwe effect pops up. It’s impossible to talk about this film without discussing the director. Uwe Boll does not exactly have a good reputation among movie fans – has a few flicks on this list too. Boll doesn’t care what his critics say about him (he’s the guy who offered to box all comers) and he dismisses negative reviews as the products of small, jealous minds. He believes he’s a great filmmaker (but so did Ed Wood). Boll especially likes using computer games as source material for his films. In the Name of the King is loosed basely on Dungeon Siege.

Despite the movie’s desire to spin an epic tale, it feels overlong and repetitive. The production has a drab, murky look that makes the land seem like a depressing place in which to own real estate. The music is overbearing to the point where it’s a distraction. The less-than-special effects appear underfunded (despite a purported $60 million budget) and, except for a bit of coolness showing how wizards travel, look pretty cheesy. The battle between krugs and humans is filmed in such a way that we aren’t supposed to notice the limited number of extras involved in the action. Wandering through Middle Earth was like going on a journey of discovery. Wandering through the world of In the Name of the King is like getting lost in a local patch of woods on a rainy day.

2. Wing Commander (1999)

list of top ten worst movies made from video games-wing commander

One of the marketing tactics for the release of “Wing Commander” was to see the new “Star Wars” trailer that ran prior to it; when you have to bring people into the theatre by getting them excited about seeing another movie, you know you are in trouble. Like the video game that it’s based on, “Wing Commander” consists almost entirely of space ships flying around and shooting stuff. Amazingly, the innate sense Blair has about flying in space sounds a whole lot like The Force from “Star Wars.”

“Wing Commander” suffers from the same problems that have plagued its predecessors, plundering elements from “Star Wars”, “Battlestar Galactica”, “Top Gun”, “Space: Above and Beyond”, and numerous World War II naval dramas. The resultant hodge-podge script then plods along on cruise control, making the sequence of turns that you would expect it to– romantic sparks will fly, some hotshot will screw up and get someone killed and then feel bad about it, someone will have to be left behind enemy lines to serve the greater good, and Blair will ultimately prove his mettle by using his Pilgrim abilities. Good science fiction, or for that matter good storytelling, is about interesting characters in interesting situations doing interesting things. “Wing Commander” has neither.

1. DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

list of top ten worst movies made from video games-DOA dead or alive

The Dead or Alive (aka “DOA”) series of video games i s hugely popular. It has a strong appeal to gamers due to very fluid and quick fighting movements, arcade-like scenarios, and plenty of sex appeal in the main female characters. The video game world has always been, and still is, primarily dominated by male interests, and unlike other fighting games that concentrate more on the martial arts violence or easy-play head-to-head aspects, “Dead or Alive” just has that extra level of eye candy. Sounds like a no-brainer for a great movie.

Wrong – great for gamers bad for movie fans. It’s about as stimulating as watching someone else play “Dead or Alive” for nearly ninety minutes on your TV at home. There are some miniscule attempts at character development here and there, but not enough to make us give a damn, as the entire construct of the film is to show plenty of fighting and scantily-clad babes whenever possible.

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