List o’ Top Ten Crazy Fast Food Freak-Outs

Just when you think you have seen it all, a whole new batch of WTF?? shows up and reinforces the belief in how truly stupid people can be. Sure – stress comes out in many ways and under various circumstances, but freak-outs and fights over burgers and chicken? Do we as a society now have to add fast food rage to all the other “rages” that are piling up?
As a punishment, these people should be forced to eat spinach and carrots for the entire time that they rot in their cell!

Top Ten List of Fast Food Rage Freak OutsTop Ten List of Fast Food Rage Freak Outs

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10. Simply Crazy – Dude, It’s Only A Crappy Cheesburger!

9. Can’t Get A Burger – Then Call The Cops

A woman calls the police because she can’t get her burger – and really expects them to come down to the BK and force the restaurant to make her a burger. She demands protection – LOL!

8. No Chicken Nuggets – Emergency!!

A woman calls 911 because her local McDonald’s ran out of nuggets, and then defends her decision to engage emergency services – really! Sure, they must have lots of spare time on their hands, it’s not like they have lives to save or anything…Just goes to show that the Well of Stupid really can be bottomless in some people.

And of course, that sub sandwich is pretty important too:

7. Fast Food Rage: When Transvestites Attack

A group of transvestites got into a fight with employees of a Tennessee McDonalds, proving that reality is indeed stranger than fiction. You just can’t make this stuff up!

6. Freak-Out at Micky D’s

You just have to wonder what gets into people’s head and at what point the brain turns off and common sense fizzles out. Just how stupid people can get is pretty obvious in this video – hey, who needs education and social skills when you have visceral aggression and absolutely no sense of discretion or self-control. If stupid is as stupid does, then this woman is the poster child for all that stupid could ever possibly be.

5. Bucket o’ Suds Freak-Out

Maybe they should have just given the customer her money back and called it a day. Could have avoided a whole lot of mess, but then some people are just on a short fuse to start with. Have a look.

4. Never Bud In Line With This Girl

Hilarious – bottom line: girls argue over whose turn it is to order a burger and cat fight ensues. People are crazy!

3. Never Bud In Line With This Guy

Unbelievable – grown up man hits a girl because he thinks she budded in line in front of him. The most deplorable part is when the commentator mentions that the guy had his kids with him. dog toy affiliates . Guess nobody will get away with getting in line in front of them either when they grow up.

2. McNuggets Are Not On the Breakfast Menu

Some people really like their fried chicken, and just don’t want to hear “no” when they are jonesing for some McNuggets. Check out this fast food freak-out when the lady is denied her morning chicken nuggets and decides to take matters into her own hands.

1. Make It Look Like the Picture – Or Else

Without a doubt the best fast food freak-out ever. Michael Douglas shows the world what can happen when you take it all out on the fast food restaurant doesn’t live up to its promises.

clip from Falling Down

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1 Response to "List o’ Top Ten Crazy Fast Food Freak-Outs":

  1. HoundDog December 13, 2010 at 09:59

    This is absolutely hilarious, ridiculous and pathetic all at the same time! How can people have so much aggression – is “fast food rage” the new anger? For crying out loud, It’s only chicken and fries – get a grip people.