List of Top Ten Fastest Growing Businesses in China

List of top ten fastest growing companies in chinaAlthough Chinese GDP slowed in the last half of 2010, the country has maintained an average growth rate of about 10.2% since 2006, far outstripping growth in most Western economies. The fastest growing companies are listed here as the firms with the highest share price appreciation from market close on December 31, 2008 through October 20, 2010 on the Shanghai Composite Index.

Since January 1, 2009, out of the 870 components on the Shanghai Composite Index, 19 have experienced share price growth of over 500%, while 553 companies have seen share price growth above 100%. Over this period, the Shanghai Index is up 65%, while the NYSE Composite is up 29% and only one US stock, Ford Motor (+502.6%), can rival the share price appreciation of the fastest-growing Chinese companies. But even Ford would still only just barely crack the top 20.

These companies on this list must also have a current share price above $3 (USD). All prices and market caps are displayed in US dollars.

List of top ten fastest growing companies in china

10. Tianjin Benefo Tejing Electric

Tianjin Benefo Tejing Electric

  • Share growth: 645.5%
  • Sector: Materials
  • Share price: $5.19
  • Market cap: $1.97 billion

Established in 1999, the stock was first listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2001. The company manufactures power transmission and electrical equipment. They are the flagship firm owned by Tianjin Benefo Machinery and Electric Industrial Holding Group, and according to the company they currently have 1,400 employees and have been identified as the most competitive corporation in the Chinese electrical equipment industry.

9. Taian Lurun Co.

Taian Lurun Co

  • Share growth: 666.9%
  • Sector: Energy
  • Share price: $4.01
  • Market cap: $1.18 billion

Taian Lurun is engaged in the manufacture of oil products as well as coal mining and distribution. Aside from its core business, Taian also engages in property development, gold mining and energy investment through subsidiaries. Taian operates primarily in the Shandong province of eastern China and conducts its business almost entirely within China.

8. Anhui Sun Create Electronics

Anhui Sun Create Electronics

  • Share growth: 727.1%
  • Sector: Information Technology
  • Share price: $6.19
  • Market cap: $729 million

Located in Anhui Provence in Eastern China, the company is involved with production, design, research and sale of radar components, radio and television broadcast equipment and integrated electronic systems. The company also lists the design of ground-based satellite receivers, school campus networking, security system construction and home electronic equipment among its other businesses capacities.

7. Sichuan Western Resources

Sichuan Western Resources

  • Share growth: 763.8%
  • Sector: Materials
  • Share price: $5.26
  • Market cap: $1.25 billion

Sichuan Western Resources is primarily engaged in copper mining operatings and the distribution of copper concentrate powder, operating in the Gansu Provence in Central China. The company was established in 1995 and reports annual ore processing capacity of 350,000 tons. Sichuan has been expanding in 2010, including the purchase of 80% of Nanjing Yin Mai Lead-Zinc mine, which it expects to generate $21 million per year through 2012.

6. Haitong Food Group Co.

Haitong Food Group Co.Haitong Food Group Co.

  • Share growth: 777.4%
  • Sector: Consumer Staples
  • Share price: $4.79
  • Market cap: $1.1 billion

Haitong Food group is involved in the processing, production and distribution of frozen, dehydrated and canned food products, distributing in both domestic and overseas markets. Its most notable brand is the Kaiz series, which has seven major categories and over 200 varieties, which are also sold in Japan and the US. The company is also involved in promoting modern agriculture in China, developing safety and sanitary standards, but acknowledges that its progress and development depends on continuing support from the Chinese government.

5. Guangxi Wuzhou Zhongheng

Guangxi Wuzhou Zhongheng

  • Share growth: 801%
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Share price: $3.38
  • Market cap: $1.84 billion

The Guangxi Wuzhou Zhongheng Group engages in the manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products in China, producing medicines for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and respiratory diseases, among others. As most fast-growing Chinese companies, Guangxi is involved in a number of disparate areas, including real estate development, beverages and entertainment businesses, according to the company. The pharmaceuticals industry in China has been helped via stimulus from the governments reforms of the countrys medical system, which caused explosive growth in the second half of 2009, according to Research in China.

4. Sanan Optoelectronics Co.

  • Share growth: 804.3%
  • Sector: Information Technology
  • Share price: $6.50
  • Market cap: $4.27 billion

Sanan Optoelectronics is involved with the research, development and production of light emitting diode (LED) products in Central China and is one of the largest manufacturers of LEDs in the country. Sanans products range from LED panel lights and LED bulbs to LED street lamps and tunnel lamps. The company holds 64 global patents and retains an R&D team composed of 190 engineers from the US, Japan and Taiwan. They report production of 500,000 units per month, exporting 40% of their products to the US, Europe and Southeast Asia, according to the company.

3. Ningxia Dayuan Chemical

Ningxia Dayuan Chemical

  • Share growth: 940.5%
  • Sector: Materials
  • Share price: $5.42
  • Market cap: $1.08 billion

Ningxia Dayuan Chemical manufactures and distributes plastic and biochemical products, providing plastic products for engineering, as well as raw materials, carbon fiber and reusable byproducts. The company has seen its share price rise over 940% since the beginning of 2009. In early 2010, the company announced an acquisition of Alashan Left Banner Zhula Gold Development Co, a deal estimated at $245.35 million, according to the Financial Times. The deal has not yet closed, but since the announcement, Ningxias share price has increased by nearly 43%.

2. Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics

Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics

  • Share growth: 1,025%
  • Sector: Industrials
  • Share price: $7.49
  • Market cap: $629.6 million

Located in the Jiangsu Gaochun Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics is one of the beneficiaries of rapid industrialization in Nanjing, which is developing industrial parks and drawing large amounts of foreign investment. Jiangsu is less than 100km (62 miles) from Nanjings port and 50km (31 miles) from the Nanjing Lukou International Airport, giving it convenient access to global markets.

Products include industrial ceramics, such as honeycomb ceramics used in catalytic converters, as well as environmentally friendly and daily use ceramics such as dinner sets, tableware and coffee sets, according to the company. Their products have a high volume of sales in American department stores and are a large supplier to the Japanese market, according to the company.

1. Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel

Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel

  • Share growth: 1,127%
  • Sector: Materials
  • Share price: $12.96
  • Market cap: $10.47 billion

The company with the fastest growing share price on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since January 2009 is Inner Mongolia Baotaou Steel, which has a market capitalization of approximately $10.47 billion.

The company is a state-owned enterprise in Boutou, in Northern China and part of the Baotou Iron & Steel group. Part of the Baogang group, which operates in the largest rare earth industrial base in China and the biggest industrial enterprise in Inner Mongolia, it produces a variety of steel products, including rods, beams, columns, tracks and seamless pipes, along with consulting services.

The Baogang group as a while produces 5 million tons of steel products annually, which comprises a significant percentage of the rails required for Chinas high-speed train system. Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel showed explosive growth through 2009, but has seen its share price more than double over the past 6 months, trading at an average volume of 30.8 million shares per day.

Source: CNBC

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