List o’ 10 Freaky Phobias

list of top freaky phobias -What are you scared of? Everybody is afraid of something – from heights to sharks to little closed spaces. And then there are the fears that many of us just can’t imagine, the ones that can paralyze but are definitely in the realm of the uncommon. This list presents 25 of those Freaky Phobias that really do haunt many people in everyday life. Read on to see what they are….

10. Paraskavedekatriaphobia

List o' 25 Freaky Phobias - Paraskavedekatraphobia

Derived from the Greek words for Friday and thirteen, Paraskavedekatriaphobiais the fear of Friday the 13th. The first known reference to Friday the 13th as unlucky was in 1307, when the Catholic Pope officially ordered that the Knights Templar be disbanded. The group’s members were arrested, brought up on false charges and tortured, while the King of France took their money, land and belongings. Today, many skyscrapers are built “without” a 13th floor – their elevators often skip floors from 12 to 14, showing that Paraskavedekatriaphobiais may be more common than we would think.

9. Ideophobia

list op top weird phobias - Ideophobia

Ideophobia is the morbid fear of thought, new or different ideas; never open to new ideas, ideophobics never stray from the norm. This would be basically the exact antithesis of Steve Jobs.

8. Alliumphobia

list of top weird phobias - alliumphobia

Apparently, vampires aren’t the only ones who hate garlic! Alliumphobics don’t just find garlic to be unpalatable; they’re downright terrified of the stuff. Alliumphobics can get severe panic attacks or anxiety when in close proximity to garlic.

7. Politicophobia

list of top freaky phobias - Politicophobia

This phobia presents itself as an exaggerated or irrational fear or dislike of politicians. Given some of the men and women currently sitting in office, it’s no wonder that some people are afraid of politicians. Hey, Jon Stewart has made a living out of this, as have many other comedians around the world. No matter what the language, politicians can easily freak out most people.

6. Somniphobia

List of top 25 freaky phobias - Somniphobia

Somniphobics are scared that once they fall asleep they will never wake up again.  A person with somniphobia fears sleep while a person suffering from clinophobia fears beds. A clinophobic could just sleep standing up (a feat in itself), but a true somniphobics are just scared to go to sleep at all. However, humans need the REM cycles of sleep to help digest their everyday thoughts and activities. Without sleep, a person could, potentially, slowly go insane due to fatigue and too many screws loose in the noggin. We all have nightmares, but can you imagine having a waking nightmare about going to sleep?

5. Chionophobia

list of top 25 freaky phobias - Chionophobia

No skiing, tobogganing or making cute little snowmen for people with this fear – they are afraid of snow. Guess the life decision is made to live in a warm climate, or else half the year is spent in perpetual fear, but at least you save money on snow tires and mittens.

4. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

List of 25 freaky phobias - Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

Oh the irony of it all! Imagine, the word for “fear of long words” is one of the longest words there is ever seen. Makes you wonder about other language oddities, like why the word “lisp” has an “S” in it.

3. Chrometophobia

list of top 25 freaky phobias - Chrometophobia

Chrometophobia, quite simply, is the fear of money. The origin of Chrometophobia is from the Greek chrom, meaning color (in this case it refers to the gold, silver, bronze and copper coins). Chrometophobia is considered to be a specific phobia, and related to Plutophobia (fear of wealth). Those who suffer from this phobia often worry that mismanagement of money or the money they have will bring on or cement their reputation as “the root of all evil.”

2. Nomatophobia

list of top 25 freaky phobias - Nomatophobia

Nomatophobia is the fear of names. This normally cause by parents who give their child some abnormal, weird and funny name like “pizza”, “road”, “butt”., which later can cause their child feel embarrassed about saying or telling others their name, and ultimately leading to a general and overwhelming fear of names in general.

1. Pentheraphobia

list of top 255 freaky phobias - Pentheraphobia

This one isn’t so weird, actually. Pentheraphobics live in constant fear of their mothers-in-law, which is something that almost every married person can identify with. For all those married readers out there – do you have in-laws or out-laws?


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