List o’ Top Ten Things Everyone Hates About Dating

Top Ten List Things We Hate About DatingDating can be one of the most stressful, nerve-wracking things we do. Most of us hate it, but it is one those necessary evils in life that you have to do to move forward (assuming of course that you have not decided to be single forever). Getting together with someone you may or may not know well, and figuring out whether you are compatible, while all the time trying to be polite and nice. Yikes! See if you have ever experienced any of the things on this list, or add your own through the comments. Share the pain!

10. Rejection

Top Ten List Why We Hate Dating

You’re afraid that dates won’t like you. It’s easy to take it personally if there is no second date, but the truth is that after one meeting another person does not really know you and there can be many reasons why it didn’t work out. This just means that it is time to move on. Find another first date, and if you want it, that second will happen.

9. Its Like A Job Interview

Top Ten List Why We Hate Dating

A date is like an interview, only with more emotions. You are essentially trying to figure out whether or not this person is worthy of being part of your life. You feel like you have to promote yourself and discuss surface things – how about an emotional resume? You don’t have to talk to impress – just talk. Some of the best first dates are spent trading jokes or discussing your favorite TV shows. You will get to know each other over time, so just be your self and have fun.

8. Too Much Competition

Top Ten List Things We Hate About Dating

Is there someone else in the wings? it is normal to wonder if your date is seeing another or likes someone else better. But hey – it could be you doing too. It is normal to date multiple people in the beginning, until you know each other well enough to become exclusive.

7. Game-Playing

Top Ten List Things We Hate About Dating

Damn those crazy dating games. Sending signals, touchie-feely plays, emotional tugs – it’s all part of it. If you are going to get into the game, it doesn’t mean you have to play the game. Your choice: player or dater.

6. It’s Really Exhausting

Top Ten List Things We Hate About Dating

Man, dating can be tiring – can feel like a second job! All that work – best just to get a gym membership and start to train. Might work out well – the buff bod and good abs always help.

5. Who’s Judging Who?

Top Ten List Things We Hate About Dating

What does he/she think? Nothing worse than the double guessing. Often in dating we sit there judging ourselves and our date. We think about what is wrong with them and what they might not like about us. Shift your focus – look to the positive/optimistic. At least you will have more fun that way, might be less work too.

4. Losing Your Time

Top Ten List Things We Hate About Dating

Single is all about you. Dating, not so much. Sometimes singles are afraid to meet someone they like because of a fear that they will have to compromise their life choices. It’s true that relationships often do require some compromise because as your relationship becomes more serious, your life will include two people. May take time, and in the meantime until you know, dating sure does take up a lot of valuable time!

3. Peer Pressure

Top Ten List Things We Hate About Dating

All of think about what our friends and family will think of our dates. Many singles actually avoid dating because they don’t want to deal with their friends and family when the relationship does not work out. Hey – it’s your life remember that!

2. Commitment

Top Ten List Things We Hate About Dating

Oh – the “c” word. Dating could lead to the end of single life – life as you know it. And watch out, because it happens in a heartbeat and you never see it coming…consider yourself warned!

1. Social Media

Top Ten List Why We Hate Dating

So you go on a nice date, and you might hit it off, make out or even “get lucky”. But beware, who knows what is going to end up on Facebook or YouTube – gotta watch yourself out there.


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