List o’ Top Ten Most Irritating Sounds

List of Top 10 Most Annoying Irritating SoundsWhat sounds really bug you? There are certain sounds that get under everybody’s skin, you know, the ones that get in your head and drive you absolutely crazy. For some it is a personal thing, maybe triggering an unpleasant memory or just your ears the wrong way, and then there are the “universal” sounds that hit just about everyone with the blast of — “Please just make it stop!”. This list presents ten sounds that are plain, outright irritating. What would you add to this list?

10. The Nanny


Fran Drescher created a highly memorable character for the television show, The Nanny, with the most prominent characteristic being her voice. That annoying, nasaly, heavily New York-accented irritating voice!! It drove us nuts. We loved the show, the character was fun and she was great in the role, but that voice definitely ranks as one of the world’s most annoying sounds – ever.

9. Tuneless Humming

hum without a tune

Please – either pick a tune or just shut up already!! Nothing worse than pointless, aimless, tuneless humming.

8. Sniffing (Person With Cold)

sniffing but not blowing

Hey, all you people out there who walk around sniffing when you are sick – the ones who don’t blow, just sniff, sniff, snort all day long – you’re really annoying! Just grab a box of Kleenex and blow man blow. Maybe an ancient “flushing” cure would be good.

7. Car Stereo Blasting Big Bass

top ten list-top ten most annoying sounds-car-stereo-boom-box

That shaking feeling in your gut when the Massive Auto-Boom-Box rolls up next to you, the boom-boom bass reverberating through your car and into your body – man, that is very annoying. This huge sound invades personal space, almost literally, and why does everybody have to know what they are playing in their car anyway?

6. Vuvuzela

top ten list-top ten most annoying sounds-vuvuzela

World Cup, 2010 – the vuvuzela makes a massive appearance to the international world of broadcast, while millions of people watching the matches on TV thought that a huge swarm of bees had descended on the stadium. They soon learned that the constant buzzing on the TV was not rampaging insects, but the noisemakers in the crowd. Hello vuvuzela, goodbye eardrums.

5. Plastic bags/wrappers

top ten list-top ten most annoying sounds-plastic bag

You know that sound – the scrunchy, crinkly sound that every plastic bag makes. It’s almost as if some scientist in the plastics lab discovered a formula that guaranteed annoying sounds from every bag made, and the idea stuck. Why does something as basic and necessary as a simple plastic bag have to be do darn annoying! Why can’t it just be quiet??

4. Nails on Blackboard

top ten list-top ten most annoying sounds-nails_on_chalkboard

This is the easy one – anyone who says this doesn’t bother them is a masochistic liar!!

3. Eating/Chewing With Mouth Open

top ten list-top ten most annoying sounds-chewing with mouth open

OK, this one is offensive on two levels, visually and verbally.

2. Mosquito Buzzing

top ten list-top ten most annoying sounds-mosquito

The non-stop buzzzzzzzzzzzing of the mosquito is always right in your ear, and usually when you are trying to sleep. Does everybody end up slapping themselves in the head at least once or twice when trying to shoo that mosquito away?

1. The Morning Alarm

This is just the weirdest video ever, called the World’s Most Annoying Sound; it is more like the World’s Most Annoying Video, and is so bad that – much like an accident on the highway – you just can’t turn away!

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