List o’ 10 Things You Can Do Only in Las Vegas at 2 AM

List o' 10 Things You Can Do Only in Las Vegas at 2 amInsomnia is what keeps most people up at night, and what a drag that is when there is nothing to do but watch bad reruns and infomercials on TV. In Las Vegas that is not a problem. Because people here do sleep, they just do it during the day. Food, gambling, alcohol, dancing — if you can think it, you can probably do it here at almost any hour. This is just a sampling, but chances are pretty good that a majority of you aren’t doing the following back home at 2 am:

10. Get a Full Steak Dinner


If you have been up partying or gambling all night and worked up an appetite, you can grab a full steak dinner with all the trimmings at 2 am at the drop of a hat. This is actually the transition time between dinner and breakfast, and it is in the prime time for finding good meals of all types. For late night cheap eats head downtown to Binion’s Horseshoe. From 11:00 p.m to 7:00 a.m. you can get a steak dinner for $4.99. A huge baked potato, salad, bread and veggies accompany the meal.

9. See Live Music in a Bar

bar band

Not only can you go to a bar, but you can actually see other people there in full swing and possibly even a band or two. In bars in other cities, every time, without fail, the bartender announces the same thing to the bar’s patrons about 1 a.m.: “Last call” To this day, Vegas patrons still don’t know what that means.

8. Be at a nightclub during its busiest hour

Night Clubbing

Don’t you hate it when you’re working up a sweat on the dance floor of your favorite nightclub about 12:30 a.m., when suddenly the music stops and people start clearing out? That won’t happen in Las Vegas, where most clubs don’t even open their doors until 11 p.m., and some after-hours clubs (such as Drai’s ) really get going at 4 or 5 a.m.

7. Play slots at 7-Eleven

Of course, if your hometown is Reno, this is irrelevant. But what’s better than going to a 7-Eleven at 3 in the morning, grabbing some Cheetos and a Mountain Dew, dropping a buck into a video poker machine, and then hitting a royal and walking out $500 richer?

6. Eat breakfast

In a restaurant – for 99 cents. Oh, sure there is probably a 24-hour greasy spoon or Denny’s somewhere in your neighborhood. But, check out these graveyard breakfast deals: two eggs, two pancakes and potatoes and gravy OR two eggs, two pancakes, hash browns and choice of sausage or bacon at Marilyn’s Caf at the Tuscany for 99 cents. Over at North Las Vegas’ Cannery Casino Hotel, you can pick up two eggs, home fries and bacon or sausage at Victory Caf for the same price. And there are dozens of other spots to grab similar or better meals for less than $5. Hungry for more than breakfast? You can have a full-on Vegas-style buffet at any time at places like the World’s Fare Buffet at the Riviera or the Plaza Buffet at the Plaza.

5. Play basketball in your hotel room

The Palms Hardwood Suite

The Palms’ Hardwood Suite is a 10,000-square-foot party room complete with a half basketball court, pro locker rooms, scoreboard and well, more accommodations than you could imagine. To be honest, there are a lot of things you can do in your room at 2 a.m. if your room happens to be one of the Palms’ Fantasy Suites . Like play pool. Or bowl. Or be your own DJ. No matter what time of day, the possibilities are endless. And if you roll big enough, you might even get the suite at a sweet deal.

4. Go bowling

bowling in vegas

Just finished with a late night of drinking and gambling, but you’re too wired to head back to your hotel room? How about knocking over some pins on a waxed floor with a polished, heavy ball? Problem solved. Las Vegas has almost as many bowling alleys as it does golf courses. Almost all these are in casinos, and many of them are open 24 hours a day, including the lanes at Texas Station and the Orleans.

3. Cash a check or exchange foreign currency

Casino cashier cages are surprisingly versatile operations. Aside from handling the cashing in of casino chips and slot machine vouchers, many cages also handle foreign currency exchange, credit card cash advances and check/travelers’ check cashing 24 hours a day. Actually, most casinos have enhanced their paycheck cashing services with lucrative promotional incentives. If you have a personal check to cash (or any other various negotiable goods, such as money orders, that a casino cashier won’t accept), there also are quite a few 24-hour check cashing/quick loan businesses around the city that will cash just about anything for a small service charge.

2. Buy alcoholic beverages

alcoholic bevvies

Practically anywhere. In addition to the bars that are almost all open 24 hours, every grocery store, gas station and convenience store open at 2 a.m. (which is most of them) sells wine, beer, spirits and anything else you need to satisfy your distillery and brewery cravings.

1. Get real ice cream from a real ice cream parlor


Sure, maybe you can get a batch of late night packaged ice cream from a local grocery store or even fast food drive-through. But Schrafft’s Ice Cream , inside the New York-New York hotel and casino, deals up fresh scoops, splits and sundaes 24 hours a day. Nothing hits the spot like fresh creamery ice cream, especially after you have clubbed, danced, gambled at 7-11, had a 99 cent breakfast and gone bowling.

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