List o’ 10 Google Adsense Myths

Top Ten List Google Adsense MythsGoogle Adsense myths – the net abounds with them. This is by no means presented as a complete or definitive list – so please hold off on the flaming! – but an interesting presentation of 10 of the many out there. Just use it as a term in a Google search – you will have more than enough results to keep you reading for the next year. Here are ten that you can check out in about 15 minutes.


Myth 10. I have been With Adsense for many years – I got it and I dont need to read Google TOS anymore.

Fact: Fact is, things change. It doesnt matter how many money you already made with Google Adsense or how long you have been active as a publisher, reading the Terms of Service (TOS) every time it changes is a must. You might miss useful information and updates if you dont stay current on the TOS and may even risk getting banned if you unknowingly violate a new rule.

Myth 9. I have a great blog then I can easily make money with Adsense in my blog.

Fact: First of all, great is in the eyes of the beholder. It doesn’t matter how much you think of your own blog; that has no bearing on what others will think of it or if it will monetize. You can have a popular blog with themes created to use and optimize Adsense but if you dont have quality traffic then the “magic money” will not show up.

Myth 8. All keyword/niches are equal in terms of making money.

Fact: In the Google world not all things are created equally. Not all keyword are good to use for make money with Adsense. Example: “make money online” and other such “fast money” keywords / niche are not good for Adsense and not good for your hard earned search terms.

Myth 7. I can blend the ads and compound Adsense earnings.

Fact: True that if you blend the ads then you will likely lead to a higher CTR but this does not always drive success. Because quite simply it takes more than just blending ads to look like part of your site; one tactic cannot work in isolation if you want Adsense to work as well as it can. A successful site will combine several proven tactics.

Myth 6. I have ten thousands of friends in the biggest online social community in the world . I will tell them to click my ads, and ba-BOOM hello big bucks!

Fact: Not really. Google usage analytics and fraud detection are among the most sophisticated in the world. As with the first point, a user should be familiar with the terms of service, and as such knows that getting people to click your ads is a deadly sin in the world of Adsense. You will be caught and banned.

Myth 5. Images are better than In-line Text.

Fact: There are Image Ads, Inline Text Ads, link unit Ads. Few bloggers think that only image Ads are worth using because they are easily visible by visitors. But the reality is that, visitors are more likely to click on text Ads if they are blend properly to your blog contents. You should not ignore link unit ads and inline text ads, you can earn good income if you are using your Google Ads effectively.

Myth 4. Displaying AdSense ads improves page rank.

Fact: Since Google is behind AdSense, its only natural that websites displaying such ads rank better, right? Sure, its easy to assume that just because one company is behind a certain ad network as well as behind a certain search engine, websites which display those ads will receive some sort of advantage compared to those which do not. The ads you display on your website will have absolutely no impact on your rankings. You display ads in order to monetize your websites traffic and there is no impact to PR at all.

Myth 3. Android software . Targeting high paying keywords is the way to go.

Fact: Of course, there are keywords which pay quite well, but guess what, youre not the only one who knows about them and, as such, you will have to compete against a lot of other webmasters for traffic. And since these keywords are quite specific, there are not that many searches for them and, as such, traffic will be an issue which will prove to be quite problematic. Making money by targeting high paying keywords is not impossible, but never make the mistake of thinking that it will be a piece of cake.

Myth 2. Regular visitors are more likely to click Ads.

Fact: Bloggers think that they will get more clicks if they have constant regular and loyal visitors on their blog, in fact the truth is, that your regular visitors knows where you place your ads and thus there are less chances that they will click on those ads unless you dont keep on changing them. There are chances that you will get more clicks from new visitors. There are websites which can provide you huge traffic on your blog.

Myth 1. If I have more traffic, my earnings will automatically increase.

Fact: Even if we leave the issue of smart pricing aside, believing that higher traffic is a guarantee for higher earnings is a mistake you need to steer clear of. There are never guarantees and just because people usually end up earning more as a result of higher traffic doesnt mean that it will be your case as well. Sure, if people like your website and return, you will end up receiving more traffic, but returning visitors get used to your AdSense placement and, as such, are less likely to click on the ads. Again, in most cases, an increase of traffic results in higher earnings but believing that there are guarantees is a mistake which you need to avoid.

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