List o’ 5 Tips For Making Some Adsense Dollars With Your Blog

5 Tips for making Money Using Google AdsenseIs there money in your web site just waiting to be unlocked? Here are some tips that will give you a few things to consider if you are blogging, or even if you are thinking about getting into and trying to make a buck or two.


5. Get Ranked With Google Adsense Traffic

The best way to increase web traffic is to rank number one on Googles front page for your targeted keyword, meaning the site must be fully optimized for searches, and maintained regularly to keep on top.

You first have to look at your sites page rank and the theme of your site. If your site has majority golf club related posts, you will want to stick with your theme. You must first do some extensive keyword research before attempting to dominate Googles front page. Once selecting targeted keywords you must then do some research on who is the top ten in that keyword.

4. Make a Video

Video Marketing has now taken over 50% of viewers time online.

Video marketing is a new way to increase traffic to your website that has begun the media driven shift away from pure text, in terms of what people are looking for in their searches. Video marketing is extremely competitive, when it comes to the number of videos online. You tube alone gathers over 80% of the video views online. What matters with the video marketing is first the title. SEO . The title lets someone decide if they even want to click to view your video. Your title has to be different and catchy enough so that it get attention.

3. Pay For If You Can Convert Sales

Pay per click is expensive but is also a very effective way to increase web traffic to your website. But if you are confident that whatever your site has to monetize can convert visitors, then there may be a business case for buying PPC traffic. You must also do extensive keyword research, to determine which keywords have high traffic to target. With pay per click it it is advised that you get training from an expert dealing with pay per click.

2. Increase Your Page Rank

Article marketing is good for increasing web traffic and increasing page rank (PR). Ways To Make Money Online . With a high PR you can attract higher paying advertisers, which means your site will begin to make more for you if you can get visitors to click the ads.

The area you need to avoid is using duplicate content. The titles on articles have to be well constructed and catchy. Linking your articles to your site can increase the ranking strength of your site significantly. There are many articles on tips and strategies on how to improve page ranking, just do a Google search!

1.Be Social

Social Networking sites are also good for increasing web traffic to your web page. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and the like opens up millions of potential visitors who you can communicate with. On these type of sites you will want to establish a friendship type of connection with your prospects; as with all other “business” communication, it is all about building the relationships.

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