50 Tips for Improving Google Adsense Site Monetization: Part II

50 Tips for Improving Google Adsense Site Monetization: Part IIPart II of the previous posting on how to monetize your web site using Google Adsense. Also, if you enjoy this post, click on the Adsense tag for related articles.

Tip 26-30

26. Diversify your sites.

27. Listen to the pros.

28. Keep up-to-date with Google SEO. Read other websites to find out whats current.

29. Work out your business case. Calculate the ROI from one article in a month, three months, a year. Calculate your outlays and investments, set your targets based on realistic hard facts only.

30. Plough your income back into content. Think of every $ you dont spend on beer now as $10 next year.

Tip 31-35

31. if you have high EPC pages and low EPC pages remove adsense from low EPC pages. This will make your site less predictable and more interesting to the users.

32. advertise your high EPC pages with link on the low epc pages

33. split long pages into several smaller pages with one ad block on each page. Optimize for slightly different keywords (within subject) on pages.

34. READ THE ADSENSE TERMS & CONDITIONS AND THE HELP PAGES FROM COVER TO COVER and then dont rely on answers from others when you are unsure about borderline issues, ask Google directly as they are the only ones that can give you a definitive answer that wont get your site banned.

35. Mix advertising and content. This stops visitors from getting ad blindness.

adsense earnings bar

Tip 36-40

36. Dont mess with the generated adsense code. You will get caught and you will be kicked our of the program, period.

37. Put keyword relevant images above or beside your ads, so they are lined up properly (Google allows this).

38. Dont put all your eggs in one basket. Try to replace your google ads with affiliate ads over time. The greater the number of affiliates you use, the less chance that losing one will harm your overall income. Thats the biggest risk with Adsense. Look to see what ads are appearing on a page and being clicked through often (using channels), then find an affiliate program similar to that ad (you can use the same ad copy!). This is a lot of work, but sooo worth the insurance, and probably the extra income in the long run.

39. Make your pages validate. Otherwise you may find that one syntax error means that the spider ignores vast chunks of content, resulting in poor targeting.

40. Force yourself to take a break very now and again. Dont take it so seriously and dont expect it to pay the bills or the mortgage, for example. Walk away and do something else for a while – maybe a couple of weeks. Then come back with fresh eyes and try again.

adsense-earnings distribution - pie chart

Tip 41-45

41. Service your site users. Give them what they want. If your site has intrinsic value, users will come back, and youll earn far more than you would from a single visit. (Youll also benefit from word of mouth and unsolicited links from other sites.)

42. Be fair to advertisers. If you try to artificially boost your click-through rate by disguising ads as content or overwhelming the visitor with ads, your clicks wont convert well for advertisers. This may result in higher smart pricing discounts for your clicks (meaning less money for you), and youll be a poor candidate for site-targeted CPM ads.

43. Think long-term. Ask yourself what will happen if youre dropped by AdSense, if advertisers get more control over where their ads appear, if smart pricing becomes more aggressive in cutting revenues for sites whose clicks dont convert, or if other changes affect the status quo. Its tempting to go for the quick and easy money, but unless you have the technical and business smarts to earn a lot of money that way, youll probably be better off with content that can earn revenue in multiple ways over the long haul.

44. Watch your server logs – I have noticed that sometimes I will just mention something in an article for one sentence that brings in a lot of visitors so I go and write an entire article on that subject. The results have been stellar. Youve been given a big hint that people are interested in this and if you ignore it you are missing a big opportunity. I have more than a few articles that have been linked to all over the web because they are almost the only decent material on this subject.

45. Dont worry when your income and/or traffic are low for a few days. These peaks and valleys are normal and simply a good excuse to refresh old content to get the ball rolling again.

Tip 46-50

46. Use a dictionary. Use proper grammar and spelling so that your articles are professional. Use bullet points and bold headings for sections.

47. Write content that is as specific as possible. Dont write an article that is super long unless it is necessary. If you can break it up if it seems logical to do so.

48. break articles up and span them over a few pages breaking down the subject into cotext sensitive blocks: Ads will be better targeted and users will enjoy the read in simpler smaller chunks.

49. Have patience. You may have good ideas that wont even start to pay for six months from now.Use good title and description tags, plus Urls that look static even on a dynamic site. Helpful not just for Adsense, but for search engine traffic as well.

50. Dont click your own ads. Or Google might make you go and sit on the naughty step, disable your account and not hand over any funds that are still in your account.

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