List o’ Ten Ways To Have Your Coffee

List o' Ten Ways To Have Your CoffeeAre you a coffeeholic?? For most of us it is REALLY hard – an impossible thought – to start the day without a cup of coffee. And not just any cup of coffee, but one that is just right, or at least right enough to get that *ka-ching!*. This a list of ten ways to have your coffee – just for fun.

10. Hot, steaming, burn my lips and let me know you are there kind of hot.

9. Hair-free – seriously, especially if getting take out.

8. Non-crunchy – filters have a purpose.

7. Spanish, Irish or Monte Cristo

6. Doughnut and/or Timbit ready – and a good danish will do too.

5. So caffeinated it jumps out of the cup and slaps me

4. Sucked straight out of the filter – whoa, for the tough morning.

3. Intravenously – non stop please.

2. Strong enough to sit up and bark – Woof!

1. With a 12-course breakfast (12th course is a little splash of brandy in the cafe).

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1 Response to "List o’ Ten Ways To Have Your Coffee":

  1. Mr Java Bean September 26, 2010 at 14:59

    The best to have my coffee is whenever I want it! Can’t live without the stuff – it is legal drug for sure :-)