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List o’ Top 20 Party Schools of 2010 – Really?

Each year the Princeton Review puts out its list of Best Party Schools (US colleges and universities) and so in read more »

List o’ Top Ten Hottest Female Tennis Stars

Tennis is one of the most graceful and beautiful sports to enjoy as a spectator. The game is also graced read more »

List o’ Top 10 Habits That Make You Look Older

Some people manage to age gracefully, getting better with age like a fine wine, as the saying goes. Others just read more »

List o’ Selected Stats About the US Open Tennis Tournament – The Women

In the 100+ years that the US Open Tennis Championship has been played, interest in tennis has soared. In the read more »

List o’ Selected Stats About the US Open Tennis Tournament – The Men

In the 100+ years that the US Open Tennis Championship has been played, interest in tennis has soared. In read more »

Matts House Mastering Master Socket

– Matt’s genius is usually locked safely away in his brain. Washington Foundation Repair companies . proactol . MLM Team read more »

List o’ 20 Events On This Day in History — September 5

On this day – September 5 – we take a look back in time. This list presents Twenty Memorable Events read more »

The Very First Top Ten FBI Most Wanted List – 1950

In 1949 the FBI came up with a list of the hardest criminals to catch and due to great public read more »

Matts House Cheering up Internet

Matt’s genius is usually locked safely away in his brain. Take a step not only through Matt’s front door, but read more »

List o’ Top 10 Oldest Universities on Earth

The list of the oldest universities in the world varies, depending on how one defines a university. If a university read more »

List o’ Many Banks Allegedly Under Rothschild Ownership

The Rothschild dynasty has been around for centuries. Legend has it that the family banking fortune began with the British read more »

List o’ Top Ten Reasons Women Stick Around

Infidelity, the ugly word: maybe your partner cheats – happens all the time, right? Maybe something else happens that would read more »

List o’ 10 Inventions That “Fly Under the Radar”

So many things in every day life make life much easier, better or just convenient, but are just there as read more »

List o’ Top Ten Stories Behind The Top 10 Hits of 2001-2010

These are the top songs for each year as published by Billboard Magazine Top 100 year-end charts (USA only). The read more »

List o’ Ten Great Movie Vampires

Vampires have become an integral part of modern culture, from true believers to those who love to be entertained with read more »

List o’ 10 Currencies No Longer in Circulation

Money comes and money goes, but economies keep on moving forward. There are certainly hundreds, maybe thousands, of currencies that read more »

List o’ Top Ten Songs By Canadian Bands About Canada

There are a couple of articles and postings in this blog about Canada, and this one deals with song themes read more »

List o’ Top 10 Wealthiest Historical Figures

Everyone knows about the Warren Buffets, the oil sheiks of the Middle East and Bill Gates’ of the world, but read more »

Top 6 European Countries Deepest in Debt

The recent financial crisis and recession have been a worldwide occurrence. The events in the United States since 2008 have read more »

List o’ Top 10 Inventions by Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was one of the most practical inventors in history. He built many devices that were designed to help read more »

List o’ Top Ten New Slogans for BP

Since the UK-based British Petroleum has trashed the beautiful coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, the company has become the read more »

List o’ 10 Google Adsense Myths

Google Adsense myths – the net abounds with them. This is by no means presented as a complete or definitive read more »

List o’ 10 Rarest Printed Books

Bibliomania – taken from the Greek, meaning book-madness – is the term used for the hobby of book collecting. Prior read more »

50 Tips for Improving Google Adsense Site Monetization: Part II

Part II of the previous posting on how to monetize your web site using Google Adsense. Also, if you enjoy read more »

List o’ 17 Photos: Sossusvlei, Namib Desert, Namibia

The Sossusvlei, Namibia’s famous highlight in the heart of the Namib Desert, is a huge clay pan, enclosed by giant read more »

List o’ Photoshop Weirdness – A Gallery

foundation repairing . Ductless Mini Split . Sean Hakes . —???— more bizarrely cool touched photos —???—

List o’ 10 Professionals Crazy Trash Talking

It is a truth about human nature: like it or not, verbal sparring is part of just about anything remotely read more »

50 Tips for Improving Google Adsense Site Monetization: Part I

Collected from various sites, sources and Google forums, this list presents an aggregate of strategies and techniques to helping a read more »

List o’ Top 10 Favorite Movie Cars

Many special cars have been created for the big screen, but there are some that really stand out as memorable. read more »

List o’ 12 Cool Mythical Creatures: Part I

In the wake of the vampire mania that is sweeping the nation, it is timely to post a list of read more »

List o’ 10 Cool Cases of Animal Camouflage

Just like plants, animals have evolved stunning characteristics and brilliant mechanisms for defending themselves passively. Whether its the ability to read more »

List o’ Top 10 Movie Werewolves

Although the New Moon series certainly introduced the modern generation to the world of vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures, read more »

List o’ 10 Types of Guys Who Leave Parties

Men are predictable animals. They fall into routines, including their social lives, when schedules and regular patterns dont need to read more »

List o 10 Interesting Mythical Places

Faith, mythology, tribal legends have all handed down stories through the generations. Stories of places long forgotten in time and read more »

List o’ 10 Contributions of the Victorian Era

// < ![CDATA[ // ]]> The Victorian Era is defined, quite literally, as the time of the reign of Queen read more »

List o’ Car Accident Pics – Gallery

These are not gross, gory pics. longboard wheels . Mississippi foundation repair contractor . No blood spatters or dead bodies; read more »

List o’ 10 Ways to Die: What Are the Odds

Death and taxes – the only sure things in life. Of the impending demise that we all inevitably face, Winston read more »

List o’ 10 Really Cool Data Infographics

A picture is worth 1,00 words, and it can also be worth a couple of thousand – or more – read more »

List o’ 10 Memorable Literary Villains

// < ![CDATA[   // ]]> Everybody loves a good bad guy Even if it means you love to hate read more »

List o’ 10 New Animal Species Discovered in Ecuador Rainforest

In a press release on January 14, 2010 it was announced that an expedition to the coastal rainforests of western read more »

FIFA World Cup 2006: Top 10 Best Goals

Best saves list (here) deserves a balancing entry – the Top 10 Best Goals scored in World Cup 2006. This read more »

FIFA World Cup 2006: Top 10 Best Saves

This is a video compilation of the Top 10 best saves of the previous tournament as assembled by the fans read more »

List o’ 17 of the Rarest and Coolest Cars

// < ![CDATA[ // ]]> For a lot of people, cars are more than just a ride. They are image, read more »

List o’ 12 Best Classic Cowboy Movies

Reach for the sky, pardner! The western – it?s so much more than a movie genre. To some it represents read more »

List o’ 10 People Who Performed Surgery – On Themselves!

Everyone has likely had a moment when something has hurt so much, that you just want to reach inside yourself read more »

List o’ 10 Scary Facts About Smoking in the Car

Smoke in the car? It is becoming increasingly common in many countries to hear about laws being passed that prohibit read more »

List o’ Top 10 Bizarre Inventions to Ease Your Commute

Lots of people commute to work, every day all around the world. And really, there can’t be too many who read more »

Guatemala Sinkhole 2010 Added to the List o’ World’s Biggest Sinkholes

UPDATE (June 1, 2010): Guatamala – Tropical Storm Agatha: A massive hole, caused by rains from the tropical storm Agatha, read more »

List o’ 10 Outrageously Silly Modern Age Hairstyles

Bad hair knows no bounds, and while some just have their days, these hair styles had their years – even read more »

List o’ Top 10 Things Thrown on the Ice (Hockey)

Like any sport, hockey has its traditions, its idiosyncrasies and a dedicated fan base. Many of the traditions kick in read more »

List o’ 15 Cloned WordPress Themes

Cloning popular websites into WordPress Themes has become a popular phenomenon. Since this appears to be legal and nobody has read more »

List o’ Ten Hybrid-Electric Car Makers Before 1920

It may seem as if the rush to alternative fuels and electric/hybrid cars is a new fad, but in fact read more »

List o’ 30 Not-So-Secret Secrets About Men

Maybe none of these are really secret, but then guys have never been too good at keeping stuff secret anyway. read more »

List o’ 5 Tips For Making Some Adsense Dollars With Your Blog

Is there money in your web site just waiting to be unlocked? Here are some tips that will give you read more »

List o’ Top 10 Sports Cars By Annual Fuel Cost

Style and fuel economy are no longer strangers to each other. With consumers becoming increasingly conscious of environmental issues and read more »

List o’ Top 10 Extreme Sports

Extreme sports is a loose term to describe any kind of physical activity which has some risk of danger attached read more »

List o’ Ten Great Mothers Day Gifts

Do you shop for special days at the last minute in the 24-hour drug store or service station? Mother’s Day read more »

List o’ 100 Reasons It’s Great to Be A Guy – Part II

For anyone who wonders what the benefits of being a man might be – this is Part II of the read more »

List o’ Top Reasons It’s Great to Be A Guy – Part I

Some say it’s a man’s world – maybe so. Not to say that it is any easier being a man read more »

List o’ Top 10 Odd Names for Places

Everybody has to be from somewhere, so every place has to have a name. But what gets interesting is what read more »

List o’ Top 10 Modern-Day Acts of Piracy at Sea

Pirates are still out there. According to the world’s anti-piracy organization, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), Somali pirates attacked ships read more »

List o’ 10 Most Commonly Started – But Not Finished – Books

Is it a sharp turn away from book in the digital age? Perhaps people are reading less, and perhaps the read more »

List o’ 10 Company Name Origins

Have you ever wondered where some well-known companies got their names? Anyone who has had the task of coming up read more »

List o’ 10 Little Known Advanced Ancient Civilizations

Most people are well aware of the “A-list” ancient empires and civilizations – Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Cartheginian, etc – but read more »

Tisto Interview

Dutch-born trance DJ & producer, Tijs Verwest began as a DJ at various school parties and later as a resident read more »

Journey of Football – A View From Africa

tankless water heater company . long boards . With a strong presence in the realm of African football thanks to read more »

List o’ 20 Things That Women Keep Secret

Men, take note – this list is for you! From a compilation of many women interviewed comes a list of read more »

List o’ Lots of 4 Chord Pop Songs

This great video clip features a lot of “4 Chord” pop tunes done in a funny parody by this band. read more »

List o’ 12 Great Covers of Classic Rock Songs

Great songs get played by great bands, and this list is all about both. This list is not meant to read more »

List o’ Many Nintendo Factoids

Almost everyone knows at least one of Nintendo characters – Mario, Sonic, Zelda – and the company has sold zillions read more »

List o’ 10 Events From This Day in History: June 18

In an interesting look back on this day in history, this list presents some of the notable or otherwise just read more »

List o’ Top 10 Albums – From the Vatican

The Vatican has previously denounced rock music as the devils work, but oh how times have changed. In February 2010, read more »

List o’ 15 Historic Nuclear Bomb Detonations

Blowing up the world would be easy – but where did it start and how did we get here? When read more »

List o’ 10 Random Objects: Male or Female?

Many languages assign gender to their words, such as French, Spanish, Italian, where words are masculine or feminine. English does read more »

List o’ 10 Easter Treats That We All Love

Easter is about lots of things for many people. but for most kids – and quite a few adults – read more »

List o’ Celebrity Family Look-a-Likes

And if the headline for this post caught your attention, these are not celebrities from each others’ families. This is read more »

Very Cool Handwritten Clock – In Real Time

This is one of the coolest clocks ever…

List o’ 13 Fails: More Expert Predictions That Missed

Looking back, yes indeed, hindsight does give 20:20 vision. It’s easy to be right after things have happened, but it read more »

List o’ 9 Best Transformers Redux: Autobots vs Decepticons

This post presents some wickedly cool high res pictures of transformers, because it has been a while since the movie read more »

List o’ 18 Fails: Expert Predictions That Missed

Sure, we are all perfect in hindsight, but it’s fun to look back. So when experts talk people tend to read more »

List o’ 10 Firsts in Movie History

In 1927, one of the biggest visionaries in movie history – Mr Harry M Warner, of the famed studio in read more »

List o’ 10 Somewhat Bizarre Championships

There are Olympic gold medals for athletics, Oscar and Felix statues for movies, lots of awards for music, Emmys for read more »

List o’ 10 Way Cool Art Illusions

This post features optical illusions that use colour, space and shape to fool the eye. Each of the pieces will read more »

List o’ 10 Rather Useless Leftover Body Parts

The human body, although a very efficient bit of engineering indeed, has a couple of spare parts. And these spare read more »

List o’ 10 Things That Canada Has Given to the World

So many postings are US-centric I thought it would be good to post something that gives another view to the accomplishments of another country. And since I am Canadian, well – here is a list of 10 great things that Canada has contributed to the world. By many standards, Canada is a relatively young country yet has managed to give us all some wonderful gems during her 142 year history, ranging from arts and culture to science and astronomy. While it is difficult to narrow down all that Canada has brought forth and shared, here are some of the more visible and globally impacting of the many. read more »

List o’ 10 Great Covers of Classic Rock Songs by Everyday People

// < ![CDATA[ a2a_linkname=document.title;a2a_linkurl=""; // ]]> You probably have never heard of these people before, but their love of the read more »

List o’ 10 Funny Pranks Caught on Video

The only thing worse than being pranked and falling for it, is getting it captured on video. And of course, read more »

List o’ 10 Social Networks Out of the Mainstream

Facebook, MySpace, and a couple of other well known sites began as concepts that were highly dubious, at best, when read more »

List o’ 10 Flash Mob and Mob Prank Events

Flash mobs appeared around 2003 and have been something of a cult-phenomenon. The way it works is that a very read more »

List o’ Origins of 10 Common “Named” Things/Idioms

// < ![CDATA[ a2a_linkname=document.title;a2a_linkurl=""; // ]]> Whether it’s what we call things, how we use expressions or just in plain read more »

List o’ 10 Famous Commercial Uses of the Droste Effect

The Droste effect is a specific kind of recursive picture, also referred to as mise en abyme (“placing into infinity”). read more »

List o’ 10 Cool Random Factoids

Factoids can be fun, especially when they are nice to have and not must have. The things we have to read more »

List o’ 13 Most Valuable Comic Books

REPOSTED: First Superman, then Batman set new records, only 3 days apart! The highly successful “comic book” movies introduced the read more »

List o’ 10 Marketing Boo-Boos Part III

see Part I here; see Part II here There is no shortage of examples of very questionable marketing decisions that read more »

List o’ 10 First Motorized Vehicles Ever Made

Over 600 years ago, visionaries in Italy recorded designs for wind driven vehicles. The first was Guido da Vigevano in read more »

List o’ 13 Lethal Poison Plants

Most plants contain some level of toxins (like alkaloids) for defense. After all, theyre plants. They cant go anywhere but read more »

List o’ 11 Amazing Things the Human Body Is Capable Of

It never ceases to amaze what the human body can do, or what kind of things people discover that they read more »

List o’ 20 Famous Accidental Discoveries

The phenomenon of Independent Multiple Discovery is interesting – how more than one person has made the same discovery without read more »

List o’ 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Daily Commute

A casual and easy list on some fun and interesting ways to help make some use of your time spent read more »

LOP App – Lists o’ Plenty is Now on Your iPhone !!

LOP – Lists o Plenty – iPhone/iPod Touch App is here! Lists o Plenty is now available in app for read more »