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Ten Things Is Not Enough For A Chuck Norris List!

The Mega List of Chuck Norrisisms 1. There is no Theory of Of Evolution. Just a list of animals Chuck read more »

List O’ 35 Random Factoids Great For Cocktail Converstation

Ice breaker, conversations starter or just plain off the wall trivia – factoids are great. Check out this list – read more »

Really Long List O’ Modern Expressions Coined By Shakespeare

Most of us quote Shakespeare every day without even knowing it. “Foregone conclusion”, “one fell swoop” and “good riddance” are read more »

List O’ Best Christmas Movies II

This list is a continuation of the Best Movies for Christmas list, just to split things up so it doesn’t read more »

List O’ Best Christmas Movies I

Most of us have a favorite holiday movie – one that really makes the season special. Here is a list read more »

List O’ Ten Infamous Female Nazis

Think it just all about Hitler and his evil henchmen? Well, not so – there were henchwomen too, and they read more »

List o’ Ten Amazing Treasures Discovered on Sunken Ships

Every kids dream is to find a treasure buried or hidden somewhere, and sunken treasure on an old ship is read more »

List O’ Ten Signs That You May Be A Facebook Addict

More and more people are addicted to Facebook. Do you think you may be one of the Facebook addict? Check read more »

List O’ Ten Still-Undiscovered Fabled Treasures

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt. Its the thrill of the chase, the romance of antiquity or a good story, read more »

List o’ 14 Cool Versions of Classic TV Theme Songs

Nostalgic – absolutely. Self serving – possibly (since these are the shows that I know). Indulgent – likely, but they were all popular shows, so there must be others out there in TV-tropolis world who will enjoy this trip down theme-song memory lane also. I thought it would be fun and maybe even interesting (a stretch?) to post cover versions of these classic TV themes, which still get airplay somewhere along the 1000-channel strong digital dial. read more »

List o Ten Hot Celebrity Opening Pitches in Professional Baseball III

And still some more pics from the “Celebrities Who Throw Balls” series …

List o’ Top Ten Most Irritating Sounds

What sounds really bug you? There are certain sounds that get under everybody’s skin, you know, the ones that get read more »

List o 20 Things That Happen Every Minute

Infographic – this is a pictorial list of the many things that actually happen every 60 seconds and continue to read more »

List o 10 Reality TV Shows We Could Have Done Without

It all started with Survivor and American Idol, where some contestants and winners got as few minutes in the spotlight. read more »

Humour Break: Bingo Humour

Love Bingo? Sometimes it’s just safer to play play bingo games online. Last night, my friends and I went to read more »

List o’ 17 of the Rarest and Coolest Cars

For a lot of people, cars are more than just a ride. They are image, they are the thrill of read more »

List o’ Hottest Opening Pitches in Professional Baseball I

Hot babes – an essential part of any professional sporting event. This is the bare-naked truth – and in baseball, read more »

List o 10 US Presidents Elected With Less Than 50% of the Vote

Nobody ever said that a democracy required a majority, and this has been proven several times in the USA. The read more »

List O’ Ten Things You Might Not Know About Frogs

Frogs are cool – no doubt about it. It is hard to pinpoint just what it is, but there is read more »

List O’ Ten Strange and Bizarre Foods

If you thought that the mystery meat served up in the high school cafeteria was strange, you ain’t seen nothing read more »

List O’ 100 Ways To Say the “F” Word

Hey – this is an educational post! Learn how to speak different languages and talk to your friends around the read more »

List 0′ Top 14 Souvenirs From Your Canadian Holiday

With so many Americans visiting Canada in the summer, and Canada Day having just passed (Happy Birthday Canada!), here is read more »

List O’ Top Ten Fictional Holidays

It is the weekend of double holidays in North America – July 1st is Canada Day and July 4th is read more »

List O’ Ten Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions II

To add on to the first part of Bad Luck Inventors, this list presents ten more inventors who were – read more »

It’s Canada Day – Top Ten Songs About Canada By Canada Bands

In celebration of Canada’s birthday – July 1 for those who don’t know! There are a couple of articles and read more »

List O’ Top Ten Unplugged Performances

This is not a list of great acoustic songs – this is a list of great electric songs that have read more »

Poll: Make Your Own List What Would You Do With Enough F%$& You Money?

This list is interactive – have your say! In this list, here are a few things that come to mind read more »

List O’ Ten Odd Factoids About Adolf Hitler

More than just a homicidal maniac and most evil person of the modern age, Hitler was also a bit quirky. read more »

List O 50 Fun Factoids From the Bathroom

Factoid – cool little fact – trivia – things that we really don’t need to know, but are fun when read more »

List o’ 15 Games Kids Played Before the Internet

Time for a handsin the air poll- whop remembers going outside to play? This question may date some of us read more »

List O Ten Modern English Expressions – From Shakespeare

William Shakespeare gave the world many gifts in his writing, and some of them have stuck over the centuries. Many read more »

List O’ Best-Paid Athletes In 30 Sports

They race cars, eat hot dogs, throw darts, pound faces — and make a great living at it. How great? read more »

List o’ Top Ten Mysterious Human Legends

There are many fascinating stories about fascinating people, from amazing exploits to weird circumstances. This list presents ten such stories, read more »

List O’ Top Ten Cool Exotic Pets

The zoo is no longer the only place you can see wild animals up close and personal. Regular households around read more »

List o’ 10 Memorable Exploding Head Movie Scenes

Sometimes movies do indeed “mess with your head”, but in this case that phrase is taken quite literally. These movies read more »

List o’ Top 10 Nerdy April Fool’s Gags

Hey – it’s April Fool’s Day for nerds! These are totally stereo typed, completely biased and really unfair interpretations of read more »

List o’ Top 10 Harmless April Fool’s Gags

It is almost April Fool’s Day, when so many people play pranks on each other. For any readers who are read more »

List o’ Ten Charlie Sheen Trivia Factoids

We already know way too much about Charlie Sheen! So here are a few factoid tidbits to add to that read more »

List o’ Top Ten Unique Streets of the World

Do you know of a cool or unique street that should be included? Add yours – tell us about it read more »

List o’ 60 Crazy Elevator Pranks

We’ve all been in this situation — crowded elevator car, eyes down on your shoes or up watching the counter read more »

List O’ 15 Phobias You Have Not Heard About

Don’t be afraid to read this list — another in the series of uncommon phobias.

List o’ Top 11 Worst Earthquakes Ever

The world has of course seen its share of earthquakes since the beginning of time. In fact, depending on your read more »

List o’ Top 10 Highlights of the Victorian Era

– The Victorian Era is defined, quite literally, as the time of the reign of Queen Victoria in England, a read more »

List o’ Ten Unique and Edible Business Cards

When someone hands you their business card and tells you to “eat it”, in these cases they really mean it. read more »

List o’ Top Ten Starting Salaries for University Grads

We recently published an article stating the highest student debt at American universities, so here is a companion article that read more »

List o’ Top Ten US Universities With Highest Student Debt

“For-profit” colleges have come under fire for saddling students with big debts in exchange for dim job prospects. seo packages read more »

List O Top 10 Leap Year Factoids

Every four years we have one, as we leap into the 29th day of February. Foundation Repair . Most people read more »

List o’ 10 New Years Traditions From Around the World

In the US people traditionally make resolutions about the coming year, they have big parties and drink too much and read more »

List o’ Ten Techie Things On the New Years Nerdy To-Do List for 2011

Now that we are well into the first month of 2011, it is time to check in with those techie read more »

List o’ Top Ten Football Goals From Midfield

Soccer, football – whatever you call it, the game is the most popular sport played in the world. Here is read more »

List o’ 20 Silly New Years Resolutions

It has happened: the time when we all tell ourselves (and everyone within earshot depending on just how much we read more »

List o’ Top 10 New Years Resolutions for Animals

Hey – animals are people too, aren’t they? Well, if they are and they were making resolutions on January 1, read more »

List o’ Top 10 To-Do Items to be Tech Ready for the New Year

It’s 2011 – wow – and the new year rolls in. With all the resolutions being promised, the lifestyle and read more »

List o’ Top Ten Most Expensive Non-Celebrity Divorces

What is the value of a marriage? When all is said and done, how do you tally the intangibles that read more »

List o’ Top Social Networking Sites For the Super Elite

So – you are super rich, well connected, and have no desire to mix with the riff-raff of common folk read more »

List o’ Top Ten Crazy Fast Food Freak-Outs

Just when you think you have seen it all, a whole new batch of WTF?? shows up and reinforces the read more »

List of Top Ten Fastest Growing Businesses in China

Although Chinese GDP slowed in the last half of 2010, the country has maintained an average growth rate of about read more »

Factoids Are Fun !!

Factoids – little pieces of information, tidbits, trivia and cool facts. It won’t make you younger or better looking – read more »

List o’ 10 Phenomenal “Everyday” Found Treasures

Everyone has that dream of stumbling on something that turns out to be worth a fortune or has some major read more »

List o’ Ten Deadly Diseases That Have No Known Cure

Modern medicine and medical research has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years, with much of the results of read more »

List o’ Top 10 High Profile US Mob Hits

The death of a Mafia boss last week has spawned new interest and headlines about organized crime. Mafia don Nicolo read more »

List o’ 8 Recent Stephen Hawking Revelations About the Universe

The newest book from the famous scientist covers major questions about the nature and origin of the universe. And he read more »

List o’ Top Ten Futuristic Urban Transport Concepts

City centers and intercity roads suffer from heavy traffic congestion – hello road rage and long commutes. To improve the read more »

List o’ 10 Biggest Hauls in Bank Robbery History

Some of the great stories of books, movies and legend come from bank robberies. As a society we are fascinated read more »

List o’ Top Ten Mysterious Archeological Discoveries

Puzzling ancient finds have a way of captivating the public, perhaps because it’s just too easy to dream up interesting read more »

List o’ Top Ten Myths About Vegetables

Vegatables are good for you and part of a healthy diet. Everyone knows this. However, there are some things that read more »

List o’ Five Seriously Insane Gamer Freak Outs

World of Warcraft is a game with a notorious reputation for being incredibly addictive, and has been called “the cocaine read more »

List o’ Top Ten Hybrid Carplane Inventions

This is a list of some of the prototypes developed in a bid to create a roadworthy vehicle that can read more »

List o’ Top Ten Strangest Trees

Trees are maybe the most important living thing on earth. Aside from producing fuel, building materials and food, they are read more »

List o’ Top Ten Famous Messages In Bottles

In April 2009,an experiment for his marine science class, a high school student put a letter in a bottle, sealed read more »

List o’ Top Ten Things Everyone Hates About Dating

Dating can be one of the most stressful, nerve-wracking things we do. Most of us hate it, but it is read more »

List o’ Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know Are Made From Corn

Corn really is something of a wonder crop. You can eat it, you can manufacture consumer products with it, use read more »

List o’ Top Ten Most Expensive Paintings

Fine art is a prestigious possession, and those with the finances to indulge in collecting art as a hobby have read more »

List o’ Top Ten Careers Where You Don’t Have To Deal With People

Do people get on your nerves? Do you hate office politics, workplace dramas and other people? If so, finding an read more »

List of Top 5 Highest Paid CEOs in Canada (2008) – Numbers Broken Out

This is the only intro you will need to understand the BIG GAP in earnings from the top to the read more »

List o’ Top 100 CEO Salaries in Canada (2008)

According to a new survey by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the average pay for the top 100 CEOs read more »

List o’ Top 10 Symbiotic Marine Buddies

One can’t live without the other – this is the nature of a truly symbiotic relationship, and in the wilds read more »

List o’ 10 Intriguing Mythical Places

Faith, mythology, tribal legends have all handed down stories through the generations. Stories of places long forgotten in time and read more »

List o’ 10 Crazy Silly Modern Age Hairstyles

Bad hair knows no bounds, and while some just have their days, these hair styles had their years – even read more »

List o’ 10 Things You Can Do Only in Las Vegas at 2 AM

Insomnia is what keeps most people up at night, and what a drag that is when there is nothing to read more »

List o’ 7 Tips for Making Money With Adsense

How to build a successful Google Adsense income blog? Google Adsense is still the #1 revenue sharing network that many read more »

List o’ 10 Important Online Advertising Acronyms

This is a short to the point list for on-line biz nerd. If you have a web site or do read more »

List o’ 14 Cool Versions of Classic TV Theme Songs

// < ![CDATA[   // ]]> Nostalgic – absolutely. Self serving – possibly. Indulgent – likely, but they were all read more »

List o’ 10 Funny Out of Office Replies

Your vacation is just hours, if not minutes away but before you dash out of your office for some well read more »

List o’ Top 10 Crazy Lawsuits – Only in the USA

Many people see the lawsuit as the modern American Dream. Strike it rich – be Horatio Alger – hit the read more »

List o’ Ten Famous Firsts in the Movies

In 1927, one of the biggest visionaries in movie history – Mr Harry M Warner, of the famed studio in read more »

List o’ Ten Ways To Have Your Coffee

Are you a coffeeholic?? For most of us it is REALLY hard – an impossible thought – to start the read more »

List o’ Top Ten Very Odd College Mascots

A schools mascot is a symbol of pride and unity that students can rally behind. When the mascot takes field read more »

List o’ Ten Interesting Facts About Elephants

They descend frommammoths and mastodons. From Hannibal to the modern African ivory hunters, throughout history, the elephant has played an read more »

List o’ 20 Puns: A Lexophile’s Delight

What is a lexophile? A lover of cryptic words, one who adores language and word structure. A language geek – read more »

List o’ Most Useful Mario Kart Items – Weee!

Mario Kart is one of the most successful games from Nintendo, with the most recent version for the Wii console read more »

List o’ Top Ten Commonly Believed English Grammar Myths

Styles and looks may come and go, but good grammar is always in fashion. So, with that said – and read more »

List o’ Top Ten Commonly Believed Myths

Myths – shared beliefs that we all hold – have a way of making it through the generations as folklore, read more »

List o’ Top Ten Offbeat Uses for Coke

Anyone can drink a can of Coke, but it takes a special touch to use that beverage for something else read more »

List o’ Top Fathers in the Animal Kingdom

Poor Dads – all of them. So often taken for granted, almost like the fixture that is just expected to read more »

List o’ Top Ten Deadly Cancers

While there are many successful treatments today that didn’t exist just a couple decades ago, a wholesale “cure for cancer” read more »

List o’ Ten Countries and Their Euthanasia Laws

Mercy death, compassionate killing, putting one down – these are all phrases about the same thing – euthanasia. This is read more »

List o’ 10 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Are Made in Prisons

Remember the old movies where convicts stamp out license plates. Well, that was then, and nowadays the United States has read more »

List o 10 Interesting World Factoids

Small facts about our big world. Factoid a small fact, sometimes called trivia, factlet or even mini-fact. Dictionaries call read more »

The Beatles Have Made the Charts – Again!

These visualizations are part of an extensive study of the music of the Beatles. Many of the diagrams and charts read more »