List O’ Ten Bizarre Body Modification Practises

Unbelievable stuff….maybe the vbody really is just a canvas waiting to be used…what do you think?

List O’ Ten Bizarre Human Behaviour Syndromes

People can be weird enough on their own, but really in some cases, they just can’t help themselves.

List O’ Ten True Cases of Animals Brought To Court


List O’ 6 Lesser Known Branches of Forensic Science

Forensics have certainly come a long way. It all began as merely identifying fingerprints visible to the naked eye (back read more »

List O’ Ten Deadly Australian Animals

It’s not all kangaroos and cute little Koala bears in Australia. Aside from the crocs that most people know about, read more »

List O’ Ten Songs All About Getting Hitched

If you’ve been forced to sit through a typical wedding video, feigning interest in the awkward dancing and lame speeches, read more »

List O’ Ten Amazing Bio-Luminescent Lifeforms

These amazing sea creatures have evolved to be able to make their own light.

List O’ Ten Unusual Bequethments in Wills

If you had millions of dollars and had to write your will, how would you do it? These very rich read more »

Ten Things Is Not Enough For A Chuck Norris List!

The Mega List of Chuck Norrisisms 1. There is no Theory of Of Evolution. Just a list of animals Chuck read more »

List O’ Ten Amazing Child Prodigies

Most children are just learning reading and writing at the age of 6 or 7. The genius kids on this read more »

List O’ Ten Crazy Deep Underground Labs

Amazing what lurks below the ground…

List O’ Top Ten Most Evil Catholic Popes

The history of the Popes records homosexuality, rape, murder, adultery, incest, drunkenness and selling religious offices and worse. This top read more »

List O’ Top Ten Discoveries of America Before Columbus

How many times cana continent or twobe discovered? It is new for each party each time, but at some point read more »

List O’ 35 Random Factoids Great For Cocktail Converstation

Ice breaker, conversations starter or just plain off the wall trivia – factoids are great. Check out this list – read more »

List O’ Ten Keepers of the Mona Lisa Before the Louvre

After exchanging hands many times, the Mona Lisa is back in France’s most famous museum, the Louvre. More than six read more »

List O’ 20 Easy Things That Will Improve Your Quality of Life

It’s now officiallyone weekinto the new year – 2012. What have you done, if anything, differently? Forget about resolutions and read more »

List O’ Ten Things To Do To Survive in Prison

Probably the best thing to do to survive in prison is – don’t break the law, or at least dont read more »

List O’ 10 Mysteries of Human Behaviour That Science Can’t Explain

Scientists have split the atom, put men on the moon and discovered the DNA of which we are made, but read more »

List O’ Top Ten New Years Resolutions

A new year and new promises. Promises to the self, resolutions made in good faith, and usually pretty short lived. read more »

List o’ Top Ten Super Geek Resolutions for the New Year

For some reason, it is okay to go through the entire year a certain way, then promise massive changes on read more »

Really Long List O’ Modern Expressions Coined By Shakespeare

Most of us quote Shakespeare every day without even knowing it. “Foregone conclusion”, “one fell swoop” and “good riddance” are read more »

List O’ Near Death Experience Stories of 10 Famous Celebrities

Just because you’re famous doesn’t make you immortal. Here are ten celebrities who have had close calls with death, looking read more »

List O’ Ten Medical Experiments Involving Human Testing

There are plenty of groups who protest testing on animals, but there is nothing as heinous as forced, unknown medical read more »

List O’ Best Christmas Movies II

This list is a continuation of the Best Movies for Christmas list, just to split things up so it doesn’t read more »

List O’ Best Christmas Movies I

Most of us have a favorite holiday movie – one that really makes the season special. Here is a list read more »

List O’ Ten Unusual Christmas Traditions

Christmas is celebrated in different ways in various parts of the world, and while most traditional forms of celebration involve read more »

List O’ Top Ten Most Valuable Guitars

For a guitar player, the instrument is a very personal thing. For a fan it is a way to connect read more »

List O’ Ten Popular Sports Origins

Have you ever wondered where you favorite sport came from and how people actually came to play it? How did read more »

List O’ Ten Infamous Female Nazis

Think it just all about Hitler and his evil henchmen? Well, not so – there were henchwomen too, and they read more »

List O’ Top Ten Harry Potter Questions Still Hanging

The epilogue to Harry Potter was vague and missed a number of topics many fans still have questions lingering. Here read more »

List O’ Ten Infamous Serial Killer Duos

This list is a real killer.

List O’ Top Ten Totally Inaccessible Places

These are real places, but chances are that you can go there. Military surveillance, intelligence gathering and general all-round spy read more »

List o’ Ten Amazing Treasures Discovered on Sunken Ships

Every kids dream is to find a treasure buried or hidden somewhere, and sunken treasure on an old ship is read more »

List O’ Ten Major Medical Mishaps

Think you’re safe in the hands of your doctor? Well, that is usually true – but look at what can read more »

List O’ 10 Hot Billionaire Heiresses

So much talk is about eligible bachelors – how about the bachelorettes? Hey – guys like to marry into money read more »

List O’ Top Ten Dark Tourism Destinations

Grief tourism, however ghoulish it might seem, is a growth industry. Known also as Dark Tourism, this refers to travel read more »

List O Ten Worst Halloween Treats

Halloween rules! Free candy, hot girls dressing provocatively, and costume parties. Sometimes however, the costume parties suck, ugly girls trick read more »

List O’ Top 10 Coolest New Cars For Under $18,000

Getting a bargain on a car is good at any time, but in economic times like these, when the economy read more »

List o’ Ten Outrageous Medical Mistakes

Doctors are people too, and they can make mistakes just like anyone else. Thing is, they are usually dealing with read more »

List O’ Ten Signs That You May Be A Facebook Addict

More and more people are addicted to Facebook. Do you think you may be one of the Facebook addict? Check read more »

List o’ Ten Famous Fictional Movie Islands

“Welcome to Fantasy Island” – perhaps the most famous line about one of the most famous islands in movie or read more »

List O’ Ten Still-Undiscovered Fabled Treasures

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt. Its the thrill of the chase, the romance of antiquity or a good story, read more »

List o’ 14 Cool Versions of Classic TV Theme Songs

Nostalgic – absolutely. Self serving – possibly (since these are the shows that I know). Indulgent – likely, but they were all popular shows, so there must be others out there in TV-tropolis world who will enjoy this trip down theme-song memory lane also. I thought it would be fun and maybe even interesting (a stretch?) to post cover versions of these classic TV themes, which still get airplay somewhere along the 1000-channel strong digital dial. read more »

List o Ten Hot Celebrity Opening Pitches in Professional Baseball III

And still some more pics from the “Celebrities Who Throw Balls” series …

List O’ Top Ten Infamous Partners In Crime: Couples Who Kill

Partners in crime is more than just an expression. It is also a true description of some of the most read more »

List o Ten Hot Celebrity Opening Pitches in Professional Baseball II

And here we have a pictorial list – more babes throwing balls. Baseball may be the boys of summer, but read more »

List o’ Ten Most Expensive Accidents

Oops! This is going to cost a bundle…

List o’ Top Ten Most Irritating Sounds

What sounds really bug you? There are certain sounds that get under everybody’s skin, you know, the ones that get read more »

List o 20 Things That Happen Every Minute

Infographic – this is a pictorial list of the many things that actually happen every 60 seconds and continue to read more »

List o 10 Reality TV Shows We Could Have Done Without

It all started with Survivor and American Idol, where some contestants and winners got as few minutes in the spotlight. read more »

Humour Break: Bingo Humour

Love Bingo? Sometimes it’s just safer to play play bingo games online. Last night, my friends and I went to read more »

List o’ 17 of the Rarest and Coolest Cars

For a lot of people, cars are more than just a ride. They are image, they are the thrill of read more »

List o’ Ten Ways To Bomb Your Job Interview

Way too many job seekers fall victim to easily avoided situations like the 10 job-interview killers listed below. Any of read more »

List O’ Ten Tales of Ten Famous Diamonds

Diamonds have always been more than just gems for men and women. These precious stones, formed over thousands of years, read more »

List O’ Ten Strangest Japanese Foods

Japan has given the world such cool stuff as bizarre game shows, traumatizing sex fetishes and surreal foods. Oh yes, read more »

List o’ Ten Real Very Scary Haunted Places

There are real haunted places. And there are real ghosts, spirits, wraiths – call them what you will, but anyone read more »

List o’ Hottest Opening Pitches in Professional Baseball I

Hot babes – an essential part of any professional sporting event. This is the bare-naked truth – and in baseball, read more »

List o 10 US Presidents Elected With Less Than 50% of the Vote

Nobody ever said that a democracy required a majority, and this has been proven several times in the USA. The read more »

List o’ Ten Tips To Negotiate Your Best Salary

Negotiating your salary can be like going to the dentist – you don’t know what to expect once you get read more »

List O’ Ten Very Strange Japanese Ice Cream Flavours

No black bean,soy or wasabi flavours on this list. Those are WAY too tame – have a look at some read more »

List o’ Ten LOL Stupid Arrest Stories

Sometimes the only thing better than stupid criminals are stupid arrests. Amazing what will lead the “coppers to slap on read more »

List o’ Top Ten Reasons For Failing the Job Interview

Looking for work? Interviewing for a job? Let’s take a minute out from the trivial, fun and frivolous lists that read more »

List O’ Ten Things You Might Not Know About Frogs

Frogs are cool – no doubt about it. It is hard to pinpoint just what it is, but there is read more »

List O’ Ten Strange and Bizarre Foods

If you thought that the mystery meat served up in the high school cafeteria was strange, you ain’t seen nothing read more »

List O’ 100 Ways To Say the “F” Word

Hey – this is an educational post! Learn how to speak different languages and talk to your friends around the read more »

List O’ Twelve Incredible Plane Crash Survivor Stories

Odds of dying in a plane crash are 1 in 10.87 million. However, the odds of surviving a plane crash read more »

List 0′ Top 14 Souvenirs From Your Canadian Holiday

With so many Americans visiting Canada in the summer, and Canada Day having just passed (Happy Birthday Canada!), here is read more »

List O’ Top Ten Fictional Holidays

It is the weekend of double holidays in North America – July 1st is Canada Day and July 4th is read more »

List O’ Ten Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions II

To add on to the first part of Bad Luck Inventors, this list presents ten more inventors who were – read more »

It’s Canada Day – Top Ten Songs About Canada By Canada Bands

In celebration of Canada’s birthday – July 1 for those who don’t know! There are a couple of articles and read more »

List O’ Top Ten Unplugged Performances

This is not a list of great acoustic songs – this is a list of great electric songs that have read more »

Poll: Make Your Own List What Would You Do With Enough F%$& You Money?

This list is interactive – have your say! In this list, here are a few things that come to mind read more »

List O’ Ten Typos That Made A Difference

No problem or big problem? Everybody makes mistakes typing – the infamous “typo”. Sometimes the autocorrect just makes it worse read more »

List O’ Ten Odd Factoids About Adolf Hitler

More than just a homicidal maniac and most evil person of the modern age, Hitler was also a bit quirky. read more »

List O Ten Most Expensive Pets – WOW!

How much would you pay for a pet? Apparently some pet owners out there have WAY too much money to read more »

List O’ Ten Things That Will Make You Dumber

Do you make yourself dumber? We all know about activities and habits that will will make you smarter, but did read more »

List O Top 10 Female Chess Players

Chess players – not just geeks with taped-in-the-middle thick black glasses! This list shows us all that geek and chic read more »

List O’ 10 Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions

As the old saying goes: “Be careful what you wish for – it just might happen”. And in the cases read more »

List O Ten Cool Quotes From Einstein In Pictures

There is only one Einstein – he made crazy hair chic and science cool; the first nerd to have his read more »

List O 50 Fun Factoids From the Bathroom

Factoid – cool little fact – trivia – things that we really don’t need to know, but are fun when read more »

List o’ 15 Games Kids Played Before the Internet

Time for a handsin the air poll- whop remembers going outside to play? This question may date some of us read more »

List O Top 10 Highest-Paid Coaches In The NFL

Everyone seems to be making hand over fist in the NFL, and no one can figure out how to split read more »

List O’ Ten Most Famous Models in Classic Art

The model inspires the artist, while the artist creates the model through a vision. It takes both sides of this read more »

List of Most Commonly Used Sign-On Web IDs

Used to be that you had to have names and passwords for every site that you signed on to, but read more »

List O Ten Famous Royal Weddings

As The eyes of the world turned to London for the the pomp and pageantry planned for the wedding of read more »

List O Ten Modern English Expressions – From Shakespeare

William Shakespeare gave the world many gifts in his writing, and some of them have stuck over the centuries. Many read more »

List O’ Best-Paid Athletes In 30 Sports

They race cars, eat hot dogs, throw darts, pound faces — and make a great living at it. How great? read more »

List o 10 Easter Traditions From Around the World

Easter is a holiday celebrated around the world, yet in many different ways. The event being commemorated is the same read more »

List O’ Top Ten Film Rolls that Were Offered To Other Stars

Woulda, coulda, shoulda – or just didn’t want to. In some big hits of Hollywood which have hit the box read more »

List o’ Top Ten Mysterious Human Legends

There are many fascinating stories about fascinating people, from amazing exploits to weird circumstances. This list presents ten such stories, read more »

List O’ Top Ten Cool Exotic Pets

The zoo is no longer the only place you can see wild animals up close and personal. Regular households around read more »

List o’ 10 Bizarre Unsolved Mysteries

Many strange and unexplained events have occurred in modern history. These events are often based around an unsolved murder, bizarre read more »

List o’ Top 10 Famous Legends and Myths of Ireland

Ireland is rich with stories and myths of fairies, ghosts, leprechauns and other strange, mystical wonders. For over a thousand read more »

List o’ Top Ten Most Exotic Frogs

So many different types of frogs around the world – there are few places on earth that don’t have frogs. read more »

List o’ 10 Memorable Exploding Head Movie Scenes

Sometimes movies do indeed “mess with your head”, but in this case that phrase is taken quite literally. These movies read more »

List o’ Top 10 Nerdy April Fool’s Gags

Hey – it’s April Fool’s Day for nerds! These are totally stereo typed, completely biased and really unfair interpretations of read more »

List o’ Top 10 Harmless April Fool’s Gags

It is almost April Fool’s Day, when so many people play pranks on each other. For any readers who are read more »

List o’ Ten Charlie Sheen Trivia Factoids

We already know way too much about Charlie Sheen! So here are a few factoid tidbits to add to that read more »

List o’ Top Ten Ladies of Charlie Sheen’s Nights

A true modern-day Casanova-type, Charlie Sheen once said about hiring prostitutes, “Who wants to deal with all the small talk read more »

List o’ Top Ten Famous Mistresses

She has been known as the “kept woman,” the “fancy woman,” and the “other woman.” The French acknowledge her existence read more »