List o’ Top Ten Careers Where You Don’t Have To Deal With People

work alone - no people requiredDo people get on your nerves? Do you hate office politics, workplace dramas and other people? If so, finding an enjoyable career can be a bit of a challenge–especially in a service-based economy, but fear not. This list presents some solid options for those who love to work, but do not necessarily want their work environment cluttered up with a lot of people and “soft skills” requirements.

10. Farmer


Farmers work the fields, not the board rooms. And with the great outdoors as your work place, there is no need to deal with cubicles, loud neighbours on conference calls or “small p” politics of up and comers. Just hop in the plow, mend a fence, milk a cow or whatever is on the to do list for the day – while being comfortably assured that you will not have to spend your day dealing with PITAP (Pain In the A** People !). Median salary: $20,350

9. Technical Writer

List of Top Ten Jobs Where You Dont Have to Deal With People - Technical Writer

To be a tech writer, you do have to be able to effectively communicate complex information to a broad range of people. But you don’t have to do it in person – *phew*. Many tech-writing jobs are freelance, so you get to work from home, and if you are lucky, communicating with clients only by email. Median salary: $66,575

8. Tradesman

List of Top Ten Jobs Where You Dont Have to Deal With People - Tradesman

In this career you can make a very good living, while being able to spend more time around tools and equipment than real life people. Plumber, electrician, HVAC specialist and the like – working in a trade is a great occupation for people who cringe at the thought of dealing with others on the job. You can usually limit your contact to others with like-minded coworkers and other job site personnel, but it is also quite easy to have the day revolved around your tasks and focusing on just getting things done. No need for idel chatter around the water cooler here, and political ladder climbing is virtually non-existent. Median salary: $47,000

7. Software/Systems Analyst

List of Top Ten Jobs Where You Dont Have to Deal With People - Software/Systems Analyst

If you’d rather stare at a computer than customers and colleagues, this could be the job for you. You’ll be so busy huddling over computers, reviewing software specs, testing systems, and documenting steps for using software that there will be little time – or need – for major social interaction. Median salary: $63,189

6. Trucker

List of Top Ten Jobs Where You Dont Have to Deal With People - Truck driver

Oh joy for the people-avoider: make money freewheeling down the road. The office? Spend your days – and even your nights – alone in your truck. Median salary: $42,237

5. Zookeeper

List of Top Ten Jobs Where You Dont Have to Deal With People - Zookeeper

As long as you don’t end up in one of the more visitor-facing gigs, like giving little kiddies tours of the exhibits, most of the time you’ll be interacting with beasts of the non-human persuasion. Median salary: $32,282

4. Horticulturalist

List of Top Ten Jobs Where You Dont Have to Deal With - horticulturalist

Like plants better than people? Even the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that this occupation does “not involve a lot of … working closely with others.” A fringe benefit is that you can confide in the plants, and – unlike human coworkers – they will never breathe a word of your secrets. Median salary: $58,262

3. Actuary

List of Top Ten Jobs Where You Dont Have to Deal With - actuary

If numbers are your true friends, a career as an actuary might be your calling. The job pays well and can mean minimal interaction with people. You’ll spend your days analyzing statistical data and forecasting risk and liability. Median salary: $76,121

2. Veterinarian

List of Top Ten Jobs Where You Dont Have to Deal With - Veterinarian

You get to be your own boss, set your own hours, and deal with people as little or as much as you need to. Don’t like interacting with someone? Write that person off forever! What could be better? Salaries are highly variable. Median salary: $48,328

1. Mortician

List of Top Ten Jobs Where You Dont Have to Deal With - Mortician

OK, this job does involve dealing with living people who are grieving – one downside for the person-avoiding career enthusiast – but the funeral industry also has the obvious benefit in which the people you spend most of your work day with are dead. And dead people don’t give boring PowerPoint presentations, expect you to laugh at their bad jokes, tell boring stories about family adventures over the weekend or ignore you for their cell phone. Median salary: $58,287.

Honourable Mention: Superhero

superman walking the streets

The only people you have to deal with are either the villains, who you get to trounce, or the grateful people who you have just saved. And they will be nice to you because you have just saved them, or the planet, or something that they will be happy about. Pretty much the rest of the time you can do whatever you want to, and if you dont really like people too much, then just forget about that whole alter-ego thing altogether and do your own thing.

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