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  • List O’ Ten Bizarre Body Modification Practises

    Unbelievable stuff….maybe the vbody really is just a canvas waiting to be used…what do you think? 10. Scarification Scarification is pretty much what it sounds like, supposed body beautification through the creation of scars on the body. They have actually taken this to art-form level, knowing exactly how deep to cut for what effect and […]

  • List O’ Ten Bizarre Human Behaviour Syndromes

    People can be weird enough on their own, but really in some cases, they just can’t help themselves. 10. Progeria Syndrome In a society focused on retaining their youth by plastic surgery and anti-aging creams, you wouldn’t want to wish this on them. An extremely rare genetic affliction, progeria is a condition of premature aging. […]

  • List O’ Ten True Cases of Animals Brought To Court

      10. Smarter than the Av-er-age Bear! Macedonia, 2008; a fed-up beekeeper approached Macedonian authorities because of a bear of a problem. A giant bear had been making a habit of raiding poor Zoron Kiseloski’s beehives which Zoran had hoped to harvest come the right season. Reportedly, Zoran got a generator and kept the area […]

  • List O’ 6 Lesser Known Branches of Forensic Science

    Forensics have certainly come a long way. It all began as merely identifying fingerprints visible to the naked eye (back in ole BC), but has evolved into an essential crime-fighting giant with tens of subdivisions and even entire schools dedicated to those pursuing a job in forensic science. Forensic science can do fancy science tricks […]

  • List O’ Ten Deadly Australian Animals

    It’s not all kangaroos and cute little Koala bears in Australia. Aside from the crocs that most people know about, check out these deadly creatures that call Australia home. 10. Box Jellyfish One of the deadliest creatures to inhabit the Australian waters is the Box Jellyfish, otherwise known as Sea Wasp. The Box Jellyfish is […]

  • List O’ Ten Songs All About Getting Hitched

    If you’ve been forced to sit through a typical wedding video, feigning interest in the awkward dancing and lame speeches, you’ll understand why weddings rarely show up in songs – they’re not that interesting. If you’re going to describe a wedding in a song, you better punch it up a bit and pull out the […]

  • List O’ Ten Amazing Bio-Luminescent Lifeforms

    These amazing sea creatures have evolved to be able to make their own light. Deep in the ocean, where sunlight can no longer penetrate, lies an incredible world of darkness. And against all odds, this just happens to be the location of one of nature’s most impressive artificial light shows. The creatures here have evolved […]

  • List O’ Ten Unusual Bequethments in Wills

    If you had millions of dollars and had to write your will, how would you do it? These very rich and highly eccentric people bequethed their assets in some very unusual ways… 10. Trouble the Millionaire Mutt Leona Helmsley, New York hotelier and the notorious “Queen of Mean”, died of heart failure in the summer […]

  • Ten Things Is Not Enough For A Chuck Norris List!

    The Mega List of Chuck Norrisisms 1. There is no Theory of Of Evolution. Just a list of animals Chuck Norris allows to live. 2. Chuck Norris counted to infinity… Twice!! 3. Chuck Norris doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants. 4. The Great Wall of China was […]

  • List O’ Ten Amazing Child Prodigies

    Most children are just learning reading and writing at the age of 6 or 7. The genius kids on this list were busy doing things like composing symphonies or discovering new mathematical theorems at that age. This list presents ten child prodigies who were true genius in their fields and showed it at a very young […]

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